Meet Mrs. Savage from the Office

By Leah Zhang

Mrs. Savage is the new school secretary. She’s the sister of Mr. Savage, who used to be the Vice Principal here at WES. Now he’s being the Principal in another school in Wallingford-Swarthmore. Mr. Savage was awesome, but Mrs. Savage is too!  

Q & A:  

Question: Is Mrs. Savage the older or younger sister?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage is the younger sister of 3! 

Question: Does Mrs. Savage like it here?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage likes it here, because she can use different skills.  

Question: What’s her favorite food?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage’s favorite food is Mac & Cheese.  

Question: What does she like to do in her free time?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage likes to watch movies, listen to music, & dance.  

Question: Is her brother annoying?  

Answer: Yes.  

Fun Facts          

  1. Mrs. Savage helps choreograph the musical at Radnor Elementary School.                                         
  1. She likes to have a movie hangout with friends so that she can watch kid’s movies.                     
  1. She’s 4 on the inside.  

People of WES: Mr. Ragusa

By Ben Rickmond 

Hello WES community! I was lucky enough to interview Mr. Ragusa, WES’ Technology Support professional. You may have seen him in the hallways or helping you take MAPS tests. He is also the go-to person to ask if teachers or students need help. I asked him some questions here.   

Q: What is your favorite part about working at WES? 

A: My favorite part about working at Wayne is working with the staff and students.  The students make me laugh and smile each day and I love talking about technology with them. 

Q:  What do you do for our school? 

A : At Wayne, I maintain all the tech in the building and assist staff/students with using it.  So I keep inventory of all the equipment, I troubleshoot and repair and I create network accounts for things like Compass Learning and Typing Pal. 

Q: What is your favorite tech company? 

A: My favorite tech company is Microsoft.  From Xbox to Office 365, Microsoft is creating a lot of cool tech. Also I like the vision of Satya Nadella [ the Microsoft CEO ], who has a great outlook on Tech and making it accessible.   

I’ll give you two examples: 

1. Xbox Adaptive Controller — Microsoft designed a controller that makes it accessible for anyone that can’t use a normal controller/keyboard.  Also, Microsoft made it open to other companies to build and create attachments for the controller. 

2. Office 365 is great for the ability to create/share on the internet  

Q: Where did you go to school? 

A: Montgomery County Community College and Delaware County Community College 

Q: Tell me about your family? 

A: My wife Kelly is a Hair Stylist. I used to get free haircuts but don’t really have a need for haircuts anymore!  My children are William, who is 4 years old, and Rosalie, who is 2.  William and Rosalie are a handful and already scare me with how quick they pick up on using technology. 

Q: What is your degree in? 

A: I split time between Montgomery County Community College and Delaware County Community College taking classes to be certified for Computer and Software Troubleshooting and Repair.  

Q: What is your favorite hobby? 

 A: Videogames. I love spending time with family and friends, especially to see if my skills still hold up in Mario Kart. 

Q: What is your favorite food? 

A: Lasagna  

Q: Have you always worked in tech? 

A: No, after graduating high school I planned on being an Electrician and worked 4 years for a contractor. 

Q: How do you keep our computers safe at school? 

A:  With our technology the safeguards are put in place at the Administration level for our network.  My job is to make sure our Tech is updated and stays connected to the network, so that the polices and safeguards then filter down. 

Q: Any advice for students who are interested in tech careers? 

A: Just be passionate for the tech career you want. Take advantage of what’s offered by the school and county, things like coding clubs, and courses as you progress through RTSD over the years.  Build up your general background so that you can get a feel where you want to specialize later on. 

Hopefully you guys learned a lot about our amazing tech helper. Remember to go to him if you need help. Thanks for reading and I will see you next time.  

Meet Ms. B

WES Buzz reporter Will Clark sits down for a chat with Ms. B, aka Ms. Borrine, his 5th grade teacher.

When did you start at WES?

My official start date at WES was September 1, 1999.

Did you always want to work at WES?

I never imagined working at a school like WES. My dream was to work in a school where the community needed a ton of TLC and someone to come in and turn the neighborhood around starting with the school, as Joe Clark did in the movie “Lean on Me.”

The cover art from the famous movie “Lean on Me.”

I thought that meant I had to work in a school that did not have financial resources. I did not understand that just because there was an affluent area, hard-working, dedicated teachers are still needed and an important part of the community. I wanted to teach, be a school counselor, then become principal in a school in a low socioeconomic area. Dreams change. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I knew that Radnor had the highest per pupil expenditure in the state when I came here and did not know much else about Wayne Elementary or the community. I was hired because of my compassion, high-expectations, dedication, and math experience. Here I am twenty years later. This was a long answer to your question. 

What’s your favorite part about being a WES teacher?

My favorite part about working at WES is that I feel like I make a difference. Whether you are working in one of the poorest parts of the city or one of the richest areas of the state, hard-work and dedication are needed by all students and their families. 
This answer probably sounds cliché, but my favorite part about working at WES are the relationships I’ve built in the WES community, professionally and personally.  

Who Are Your Ancestors?

By Matt Demopolos and Anand Palshikar

Who are the people who make up you?

What are the genes that had what it took to survive?

What awesome things did they do?

And how do all of these things make up you?

Those are the interesting stories people want to hear, so here they are. Anyway, lets jump into the action.

Anand’s ancestor cut a guy’s head off with a sword because he didn’t want to pay taxes and then he hid in a tree.

Did anything interesting like that happen to you?

William W. Davies, another one of Anand’s ancestors, started a cult that tragically ended when his sons, who he claimed were Jesus and The Holy Spirit, died and the prophet, Davies, couldn’t bring them back to life.

Our friend Will Lambert’s ancestor was a General in the Civil War.

Matthew Demopolos’  great grandfather’s name sounds like Thanos but is actually Panos.

And we took a poll on 4th grade playground. Most people said they were from Europe.

These are the interesting stories that make up those people so we encourage you to find out about your family history also.

All About Ms. Tract

By Lilah Kenny

Ms. Tract is one of the great aides at this school. She is kind and caring, and super sweet!  Because she cares about us and if you don’t believe me by now then you should learn some more about Ms. TRACT!

· Favorite Color: Minty Green

· Favorite Pet: Her dog, Karl

· Favorite thing to do in the summer: Go to the beach

· If she could do another job what it would be: Helping cheer up sick kids in hospitals.

· Who is your best friend at Wayne?  Mr. Towle and Mr.White

· Why do you like Wayne Elementary School? Everyone is extremely nice.

· What’s your favorite animal? Whales!

· What do you do in your free time?  Play with Karl!

So, what do you think of Ms. Tract?

I love her and I think she is a great aid. And when you get in fifth grade ,you will love her too. Well I better end now, or I would be talking about how amazing Ms. Tract is for an hour.  Bye!

The author Lilah Kenny with Ms. Tract. Unfortunately, Karl is not pictured. 🙂

All About Ms. Tran

By Lilah Kenny!

Hey Guys. I’m Back and I am talking about how awesome Ms. Tran is!

Ms. Tran was in fifth grade with Isiah Taylor and now she is in kindergarten. We fifth graders in Mr. Rocca’s class miss her so much!

So, my other Rocca friend Sophie Brecher and I are going to ask her questions of her life to tell you how amazing she is!

· Why do you like Wayne?  There are such nice people here.

· If you could do any other job, what would it be?  Cooking.

· What is your favorite color?  Pink.

· What is your favorite animal?  Dogs.

· What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?  Be with my daughters.

· Who is your best friend at Wayne?  I love everybody

· What do you do in your free time?  Cook!

Ms. Tran’s story:

Ms. Tran came here from Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  Now she is an aide at Wayne Elementary School, and she is the manager of her own restaurant in Bryn Mawr! And she has two daughters! And Ms. Tran is loving and nice so when you give her a wave in the hall make sure to smile!

Meet Mr. T with Will Clark

Meet Mr. T!

He is a para in the fifth grade.

He is a talented man with lots of acting skills.

He has many fans including the one, the only: me.

He has been performing for 11 years.

He has been working at WES for two years.

He has worked with the following actors; Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Laurence, Kevin Hart, Nicole Kidman, Brian Cranston, Chris Tucker and Michael B. Jordan.

His favorite part about working at WES is bringing smiles to kids’ faces.

Meet Mrs. Pena, Para and WES Mom

By Zeke Williams

Mrs. Pena is a paraprofessional here at WES but did you know she has been at WES in several other roles even before this year?

Mrs. Pena has four children, all of whom are or were students at WES. Her oldest son, Mikey, is now a freshman at Episcopal Academy, but he started as a kindergartener here in 2009! Her daughter, Lola, graduated from WES last year and is a 6th grader at RMS. She also has Roman in 3rd grade and Cruz in kindergarten.

She said, “I have also felt so fortunate that my children have had the most amazing teachers at WES.”

Mrs. Pena is also on the PTO. She loves being able to be around dedicated parents, teachers and staff, helping the PTO committee chairs do their jobs and make a positive impact for the WES community.

As a para, she works with the fourth grade team. To be a teacher, she has a degree in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education, and a teaching certificate in Elementary and Special Education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Before she had kids and became a teacher, she played field hockey at Temple University!

In addition to all she does at WES, she also teaches first grade prep at St. Katharine of Siena church on Midland Avenue.

Mrs. Pena’s favorite part about teaching is being able to work with students she loves seeing many familiar faces in the halls each day at WES.

Outside of school, she likes to play sports.  She plays field hockey at Merion Cricket Club and she works out at Tribe Mainline.

Thank You, Mr. Vaughn

By Connor Walsh

Every morning kids walk in to school noticing the snow and branches are removed from the sidewalks and a germ free cafeteria.  Kids may not notice that the toilets are working and sinks are not clogged.  Either way, Mr. Vaughn is responsible for ALL of that!

Mr. Vaughn is the head of general maintenance and has been at our school Wayne Elementary for 10 years.  Mr. Vaughn makes sure the cafeteria is ready for breakfast and lunch.  He starts his day really early at 6:00 in the morning, and ends his day later than all the students at 4:00 in the afternoon.

For the most part Mr. Vaughn loves his job because it is never the same and always changing.  His least favorite part of the job is being out from school and not seeing the kids.  Mr. Vaughn likes having a daily routine.

On the last day of school, Mr. Vaughn serves a very important role.  His role is to take down the American flag.  It is appropriate for Mr. Vaughn to do this since he has served  in the U.S. Army Reserves for 27 years.  He served in combat in Iraq in 2006 and 2007.

This coat hanging in his office is his Army jacket.


A lot of kids and I respect Mr. Vaughn.  He does so much for our school.  Thank you so much for serving our country and keeping our awesome school clean!

Math in Focus: What Do We Think?

By Shane Lofton

Math in Focus was introduced to WES in the 2016 – 2017 school year.  There are many opinions about Math in Focus.  First, I talked to students.

“It’s definitely an upgrade from Everyday Math [ the math program we used before ],” said Zeke Williams, fourth grader.

In fourth grade some students are having trouble with the word problems.  As a fifth grader I can tell you: you need to understand and know how to use bar models to solve the real world problems.  Bar models might be the key to doing well on units three & four in fifth grade.

If you are struggling with anything in math, I suggest Khan Academy.  It is a great free resource to use.

“The typos in Math in Focus are frustrating because different books have different answers,” said Mackenzie Rose, fifth grader.

Math in Focus teaches you why the answer is the answer and not necessarily the best way to get the answer, I think.

Next I talked to long time WES teacher Mr. Goldstein.  He has taught 4th and 5th grade at WES.

“What do you and the fifth grade teachers think about Math in Focus?” I asked.

“I like Math in Focus.  It taught me the method of teaching known as: ‘I do – we do – you do.‘  I like the emphasis on problem solving.  I like the enrichment that goes with the program.

“One thing I don’t like about Math in Focus is the lack of math games that come with the program,” he added.

I then asked him “What was the hardest thing about the transition between Everyday Math and Math in Focus.”

“Building the lessons on the Smart software, that took hours, until we got together with the RES and IES fifth grade teachers and we divided the lessons up. That was the hardest part,” Mr. Goldstein said.

Parents like Mrs. Morrison have thanked the school board and curriculum department and the teachers for all the hard work they have put in to bringing Math in Focus to WES and Radnor.  She emphasizes what an important life skill math is and how happy she is that Radnor is making sure more kids learn all their times tables in third grade.  barmodels