History’s Most Forgotten US Presidents

By Anand Palshikar, History & Collections Desk

There have been 45 presidents and not everyone can name them all. Here are history’s most forgotten presidents.

  1. Millard Fillmore
    Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of
    the United States and was the last member
    of the Whig party to be President. He had
    no Vice President and was from New York.
    He was the vice president of Zachary Taylor
    and filled in when Taylor died of stomach
  1. James Garfield
    James Garfield was the 20th president of
    the United States was from the Republican
    party and was assassinated on July 2nd, 1881.
  2. James Buchanan
    James Buchanan was the 15th President of
    the United States and was a Democrat, and
    many people consider him to be the worst
    President ever. He is often credited with
    starting the Civil War because he was right
    before Lincoln.
  3. James Monroe
    James Monroe was the 5th president and was
    from the Democratic-Republican party and
    was surprisingly good for being so
    unknown. He issued the Monroe Doctrine, a
    policy of opposing European colonization in
    the Americas. Monroe was in the Senate, the Continental Army, was the seventh Secretary of State, the eighth Secretary of
    War and in the Continental Congress.
  4. James Polk
    James Polk was the 11th president and was a
    Those are the most forgotten presidents
    and their stories. They all didn’t do much
    but they are a part of our history.
James Monroe. Source: Library of Congress.

Fiction: Computer Crazies

By Ben Rickmond

“Jeez dude I want what I want!”

Hi, I am Dan Chipmunk, and I am not a chipmunk. I live in a computer. I am having a fight with my best friend, ASAP. I am frustrated, because he is older than me and can do more jobs in the computer, and that is not fair.

My dad is a RAM officer, and my mom is the GPU assistant. The computer we live in is a Dell 3100 2-in-1 Chromebook at an elementary school. I quickly apologized to ASAP, because fighting inside a computer can lead to internal misery as Grandpa Microchip said.

Anyway, I BARELY get to do any important jobs around here.  I work in the fan department. My friends and I are in the middle of fanning the computer. Our user is currently using Prodigy, a high-powered game. Do you see now how hard it is working in a computer now? 

Anyway, since Prodigy is a high-power website, all the chips heat up the computer a lot. That is where I come in. We get our power from Mr. Battery Pack, and then CPU James (super nice guy by the way) tells us when to turn the fans on. This is where my story begins. 

So, I was settling in for a normal day in the computer. I headed over to the “fan” area of the computer. I plugged in my earbuds and started working. Then, about fifteen minutes later, ASAP shouts something at me. I do not hear what he said, and I do not care. About another fifteen minutes later all the fan workers are GONE! I do not worry though; they went into the break room to get some “chips.” Then, the power shut off for some reason. After that I heard yelling, “I told him,” I heard ASAP say. Then CPU James and ASAP came out. 

“What are you doing?” said CPU James. 

“Nothing” I said. 

“WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM!!” CPU James exploded, “Now we are stuck in the computer hospital!!,” He yelled “You’re in big trouble ASAP, we’re shoving you into a flash drive and you’re NEVER coming back!” 

“No! Please I’ll do anything!” ASAP said. 

“You are older and have more power over him” CPU James said, “You should be able to control him to the fullest.” 

“No Buts!” said CPU James, “We are at the computer office, and we will be turned on in a minute.” He said. “ASAP come with me and you, Dan, go home NOW,” said CPU James. But when I got home ohh boy.  My parents were the maddest I have ever seen them. “I can’t believe you would do such a thing. Doing that to your own friend.” “You are never listening to music again. You are also never working again,” They said. 

The next day was wild. Since I never turned off the fans, they were still running. And so, some people thought to keep working- and some people listened to CPU James to them turn off.

So, with half the chips doing what they were supposed to, and half not, the entire computer was malfunctioning and had to be forced to shut down.

Now the computer was broken, because of the overload. We are now in the computer office, right next to the computer hospital. The scariest place on earth. My parents are making me try to go to CPU James and get ASAP out of trouble, a.s.a.p. I tried, but he would not budge.

“Your punishment is to feel bad for your friend and be sad to see him go- if you actually care.” CPU James said. I left his office, felling miserable.

As I walked home, Grandpa Microchip stopped me. 

“Why the long face kiddo?” he said.

“I was the reason for the malfunction,” I said. 

“Oh,” he said, “CPU James told me.”  

“Yeah,” I said as I told him the whole story. 
“Ah,” he said, “I may be able to help you.” 

“Really?”, I said. 

“Yes” he said, “You see, I may be able to change your appearance so you can switch places and identities with ASAP”, he said, “But ASAP will have to agree with you himself. Then you will be stuck in the flash drive instead of ASAP. Come back here with him on Saturday at five o’clock.” 

“Okay,” I said, “See you then!” 

It took some convincing to get ASAP to come with me, but he came.

At first, he said, “I wouldn’t come with you if my life depended on it.” But I met with him at his house at 4:55 pm on Saturday and was somehow able to get him to forgive me. We zoomed over to Grandpa Microchip’s Office. 

“Alright boys,” he said “We are about to change the appearances of you two. I asked your parents, so they already know, and they confirmed. So, are you sure you guys want to do this?” 

“YES!” we both cried. 

“All right, then you will have to have the appearance of each other for the rest of your lives.” 

“Okay,” I say. 

“Alright then, said Grandpa Microchip, “3-2-1 FLASH!” There was a great boom. Suddenly, “HEY,” said ASAP, “WE look SO different!” 
“Excellent!”, said Grandpa Microchip. “The permanent switching is a complete!  Now, remember, you don’t need to act different around your new parents, but you should for everyone else.  Don’t worry about your voices, no one will notice. Have fun with your new appearances, now good-bye boys!”

The next couple of days have been CRAZY! Living with a different family is tough. Anyway, we are on our way to the prisoner’s ceremony when the prisoners go into the flash drive forever. I fear what will happen to me in the flash drive but I wanted to do this save my friend. S o, after all of the hugs and good-byes from my real parents and other friends, I was ready to step into the drive. As I walked on the path to the flash drive, CPU James said “You’ll go far!”

And then ASAP gave a handshake and then I said, “write to me, will you?” He laughed and said, “We don’t write, we type!”

“Ha-ha,” I said.

Then walked right into my new life. 


Urban Myths: Chupacabra v Yeti

By Matt Demopolos


Chupacabra means “goat sucker” in Spanish because, well, it sucks goats’ blood. Okay, so, Chupacabra is a fairly new legend. According to one news report, stories of Chupacabra emerged in the 1990s, but what people think Chupacabra looks like changed a lot since then. Back when it started, people believed Chupacabra was a 3- to 5-foot-tall ape-like creature with gray hair, spikes on its back, and big eyes.

Old Chupacabra (drawing).

But now, people think that Chupacabra is more like a canine, but this ends up confusing people. People mistake coyotes with mange for Chupacabra. Mange is a sickness which makes the animal that gets it lose its fur and makes its skin red or hyper-vibrant black.

New Chupacabra (might be a fake).

All right, it’s story time. A man named Benjamin Rafords found some reports of Chupacabra with some real-life bodies, so he did some DNA tests, and he found out that a lot of them were coyotes and dogs. One even turned out to be a fish! The dogs and coyotes had mange and the fish just looked weird. Okay, so let’s go back a little. You know how I said stories about Chupacabra started in the 1990s? Well, that was kind of true. The myth may have started in Puerto Rico soon after the movie Species, with a creature that looked like Chupacabra, was released there.

A dead Chupacabra just like the ones Rafords did DNA testing on (this one might also be a fake).


Abominable snowman

A synonym for Yeti, the term “the abominable Snowman” first appeared in 1921. That was the same year that British Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard Bury commanded the 1921 British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition. He used this name when he found tracks kind of like human footprints (barefoot) but bigger.

Abominable snowman (FAKE)

The Yeti was from pre-Buddhist beliefs. Pre-Buddhists believed that the Yeti was a Glacier Being — a god of the hunt.

In 1925, N.A. Tombazi, who worked at the Royal Geographical Society, wrote about a creature he saw at around 15,000 feet. He looked humanoid but bigger. Tombazi said that the creature occasionally ripped up a bush.

Yeti on a mountain (still could be a fake).

The Yeti was also spotted by the Indian Army’s expedition team at Makalu Base Camp. They saw large footprints and thought it was the Yetis. The Yeti’s footprint was said to be 32 inches long and 15 inches wide! If you’re thinking, “Oh, it could just be some large human feet,” YOU’RE PROBABLY WRONG because the largest known human feet were 15.78 inches long. Is 32 a lot more than 15.78? YES, so unless a human wore huge shoes, it wasn’t a human. Plus, this was in the Himalayas, so if it were humans, they would have to be walking in the huge shoes in the freezing cold.

What the Yeti footprints might have looked like (I looked for ones on the Himalayas so it’s an accurate picture. Guess what? It still could be a fake).

Places to thank for the information. You might have to click enter for it to work

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Greek Myths: The Titian War

By Toby Kelsall

In the beginning there was only chaos. Gaea the earth goddess created Uranus the god of the sky. They married and gave birth to the 12 Titians, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. Uranus was filled with disgust and fear of his children because he feared that he would be overthrown by them. So he sent them to Tartarus the world in Gaea where bad creatures go. Gaea loved all her children, so she unleashed her most ambitious child Kronos to overthrow his father.

After overthrowing his father, Kronos became the lord of the universe, but he only let free the other Titans, not the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. They were still in Tartarus so for that Gaea cursed Kronos saying, “As you overthrew your father your son will overthrow you!”

So when a Titan called Rhea gave birth to the first gods, Kronos ate them all except Zeus because Rhea had him sent to the island of Crete where Nymphs fed him ambrosia and nectar until he was old enough to fight Kronos.

Gaea told Zeus that his siblings were inside Kronos ́ belly, so he made a special potion to make him throw up his siblings. One night he went disguised as a waiter and poured the potion in the goblet with a mix of wine. As Kronos drank the wine he started to throw up his siblings (Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia). The battle of the Titians began but the gods needed help, so Gaea told Zeus go to Tartarus and free the Hekatonkheires and Cyclops. When he got there, he had to battle Kampe the prisoner ́s guard and in the end Zeus won.

Zeus freed the cyclops and Hekatonkheires and for that the Cyclops made powerful weapon’s such as Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, Poseidon’s Trident and Hades ́ helm of invisibility. The Hekatonkheires helped with the battle of the Titians by attacking them with mountains and swords. The Olympian’s won the war and sent the Titians to Tartarus.

The gods now ruled in Mount Olympus.

American Independence Debate: A One Act Play

The war between the Patriots and Loyalists: Episode 1

By Will Clark

Narrator: A long time ago in this very galaxy and world, in our country, there was a war of ideas from different continents…


Loyalist: He thinks that the American patriots are wrong.

Patriot: He thinks that the British loyalists are wrong.

Scene: A tavern, somewhere in Virginia, about 1765.

L: How could people think that the colonists can govern themselves?

P: What are you talking about?

L: I’m talking about how the British should have a rule over the colonies and that you “patriots”  should stop acting like big babies.

P: We’re the babies? We don’t follow people to new colonies because we fear losing people for our own colony. 

L: We’re not scared, the British are more powerful then you will ever be.

P: What do you mean? You don’t know if we’re powerful. You have not let us prove ourselves.

L: If you are so powerful, then why can’t you even beat our Parliament?

P: Because you guys are taxing us so much that we can’t even afford things like a newspaper! You know why we can’t buy that. Because you tax us so much!

**catches breath**

L: Geez, calm down.

P: How can I be calm when all you do is tax us to pay for your foolish wars? Yeah, I am going there, and maybe you guys should take a parla-

**catches breath**

-MINT because you are drinking so much tea your breath might be a torture device by itself!

* *laughs**

L: I think your being a bit unrealistic. The king has the right to tax as much as he wants. You are just too poor to buy anything. 

P: And we don’t have par-la-la-lament, or whatever, anymore because we are awesome,  and we will have a government that represents THE PEOPLE!

And by the we have way too much money [ whispers ] if 20 cents is a lot.

L: Stop bashing our government. Everyone knows it is way better than yours!

P: Right. People who imprison people because they have their own opinions and wish to express them…that is not a government!

L: Guess what? I’m a rich landowner and what I say goes.

P: And I am a lawyer. A darn good one. You can’t tax us without representation! I am going to repeal this Stamp Act. And my name is Patrick Henry.

** bows and waves **

Source: Colonial Williamsburg.

Movie Review: West Side Story, a Classic!

By Danby G. Morrison

A lot of people I know haven’t really watched any old movies, they’ve been watching modern movies, like the new movie based on the ’70’s band Queen, called Bohemian Rhapsody.

But not a lot of people remember movies from the early ’60’s, like one of the most classic of all time: West Side Story. West Side Story is a classic movie based on Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet. 

The movie is about two rival groups, the Jets and the Sharks.  The Jets are a huge street gang of Americans who have taken down every one of their rivals, and are eager to take down the Puerto Ricans that are the Sharks.  The Sharks are a new gang of foreign kids who just moved to America, and they are determined to survive against the Jets big crowd. The town officers want the groups to get along, especially Officer Krupke.

Officer Krupke really wants them to get along, I think because he doesn’t want the police station to find out about the rival groups.

So, there’s a huge dance, and all teens from both of the street gangs are welcome!  The people hosting want the girls and the boys to dance together from different groups and be friends for the whole night. But the kids just want to stick to their own kind. As all the couples are dancing, everything in the movie slows down, it gets darker (special effects) and Maria, a beautiful girl from the Sharks, stands all the way on the other side of the room, opposite from one of the most popular Jets, Tony.

The lights go down low, every other person starts dancing, and Maria and Tony slowly come together. They dance together, and right as the moment is about to happen, Maria’s brother Bernardo stops them and pull’s Maria away, shouting, “Stay away from my sister!”  Bernardo yells at Tony. “Goodbye, Maria”, Tony said.  It was sad for them to leave each other.


  1. Prologue, (Johnny Green)
  2. Jet Song (Russ Tamblyn, Tucker Smith, and others)
  3. Something’s Coming (Jimmy Bryant)
  4. Dance at the Gym (Johnny Green)
  5. Maria (Jimmy Green)
  6. America (Rita Moreno, George Chakiris, and others)
  7. Tonight (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  8. Gee Officer Krupke (Russ Tamblyn, David Winters, and others)
  9. I Feel Pretty (Marni Nixon, Yvonne Wilder, and others)
  10. One Hand, One Heart (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)
  11. Quintet (Rita Moreno GeorgeChakiris, and others)
  12. The Rumble (Johnny Green)
  13. Cool (Tucker Smith)
  14. A Boy Like That/ I Have a Love (Marni Nixon, Betty Wand)
  1. Somewhere (Marni Nixon, Jimmy Bryant)westsidestory

Reading Olympics at WES

By Mackenzie Rose 



The meetings are Monday before school.  The sign up is in September and the first meeting is later in the fall.   Mrs. Dahlstrom in the library can give you all the details any time.  

There is a list of 45 books.  Everyone must read at least 5 books.  There are three teams, each with two captains.  When practicing for the competition, the captains have the responsibility of nominating someone to answer a question. 

Every year there is a competition in early April, this year it is April 1-3.  Almost 200 schools participate every year in a county-wide competition.

This year the club at WES has 31 kids participating. In the first group, Gabby & Amelia are the team captains of the TROPICAL BLUE team. Eeshan & Vivian are the team captains of the RED team. And last but not least, Tate & Emily are the team captains for the MAROON team.  

I hope that this article gets you excited about reading and gives you the courage to apply to Reading Olympics when you are old enough. 

Editor’s Note:  In 2016, Radnor hosted Reading Olympics, check out the story about that here 



Arts Desk: A Night at Ballet X

By Danby G. Morrison 

I went to Philadelphia on a Saturday night in December to the Wilma Theatre to see Ballet X, an unexplainably beautiful show.

There were three measures of the dance, the first measure was a newly created one called Yonder, a piece describing hopes and dreams and it was lovely the way they move on the stage so calmly but rapidly.

The second piece was about the Titanic, it was called The Last Lifeboat, it’s about a lady who survived on the Titanic, and they played an actual tape of her voice! She’s dead now, though.

The last measure was about a Napoleon king who people didn’t really respect.  The 3rd measure was very wacky, loud, and fast.

But in the end, it was all magnificent!  


Editor’s Note:  The BalletX spring season opens Wednesday March 6, 2019.   Tickets and information are available via https://www.balletx.org/.

Fiction Short Story: Valentine’s Day

A Story by Mia Lista

One day, a special day, was here. It was VALENTINE’S DAY!

Every child in Ms. Molly’s class was excited. They all were excited for the card exchange. But Ted, of course, was excited for the candy, like always. During the class party they ate a cake shaped like a heart with strawberry frosting. Then, they played a party game to pin the arrow on the heart. After that, they passed out candy.

Ted got two pieces from each person because they knew he loved food. But he still felt empty inside. He watched from afar as the other kids exchanged cards. “I had been so focused on candy I forgot to be nice.” He thought. He almost exploded when he got one idea. ”I’ll throw them a party!”

He was at Mrs. Molly’s desk before he could change his mind. “TED, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN??!!? We have all been looking for you to give you your Valentines.”

“Wha…?” Ted asked.

Just then his friends gave him Valentines and it was the best Valentine’s Day.





Behold the Melon-don. The What?

By Luis Munoz

Most the fifth-grade students have done “scranimals” which are like a combo of two, sometimes three, things in one. Scranimals is a mash-up of ‘scrambled animals.’

Most of the time it is an animal and a food or two animals. For example, watermelon + megalodon = Melondon.

After they get a combo they make a poem about that animal. So, for the melondon, this is poem that I wrote.

Hope you enjoy.

Who gets up to hunt at the break of dawn,

It’s the big and ferocious Melondon

He glides through the water

and shakes the sea,

That shark is as big as a shark can be.

He waits for prey

all day and night,

That Melondon has quite a bite

His wicked grin and his toothy smile,

Make him look like the Tacodile

When you get in the water

and are about to swim,

Look out for that colossal fin

When you see that bite

in his colossal fin,

Just remember he always wins

So all because of the Melondon

please oh please

stay out of Scranimal Sea,

Because dear reader

he already ate me

If you enjoyed and you would like to try it make sure to add a drawing it is a lot of fun to draw something make believe and if you don’t want to draw it yourself ask a partner. Please try it.