What is K-POP?

Top K-Pop band BTS on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, January 26, 2020. Source: Getty Images.

By Leah Zhang        

K-pop is a type of music that I love. I will have a facts page, add a list of top 30 K-pop groups, & more!  


  1. K-pop stands for Korean pop.   
  1. In a K-pop group, where members are mostly around the same age, a few months difference in birthdate makes a huge difference as well. For example, A is born in January and B is born in May. B still has to speak formal language to A, even though they are born in the same year.  
  1. Once idols have a new song and album to promote, they go on up to 6 music shows a week to promote their songs.  
  1. Over 100 groups debut in South Korea every year, but less than 5% are successful.  
  1. It can go back to 1985.  
  1. In the 1990’s, K-pop musicians incorporated American popular music styles.  

        Top 30 K-pop groups  

     30. Gfriend.  

     29. IZ*One. (Off the record)  

     28. EXO-SC.  

     27. KARD.  

     26. Super Junior.  

     25. Day6.  

     24. Pentagon.  

     23. EverGlow.  

     22. (G) idle. (Girl Idle)  

     21. SHINee.  

     20. Astro.  

     19. NCT U.   

     18. Itzy.  

     17. NCT Dream.  

     16. I Kon.  

     15. Monsta X.  

     14. ATEEZ.  

      13. Super M.  

      12. Seventeen.  

      11. NCT. (Neo Culture Technology)   

      10. Mamamoo.   

       9. NCT 127.         

       8. TXT. (Tomorrow X Together) 

       7. Red Velvet.  

       6. Stray Kids.  

       5. Twice.  

       4. Got 7.  

       3. EXO. (Exoplanet) 

       2. Blackpink.  

  1. BTS. (Bangtan Boys)  


T-pop is for Taiwan pop. It exists too!  

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