WES PTO: Craft Night

By Leah Zhang

Craft night was great! There were so many crafts, and it was so much fun for me! Let me show you why.

The first thing that I recommend you to do is to design your own bag on the stage of the little theater. That way you can carry all of your stuff in the bag conveniently, and not topple over after you get to a few crafts.

Then it’s your choice. But if you’re going to do the tag things, maybe do that next because when you use the puffy paint, it needs time to dry and you can just let your parent or guardian hold it, which is what I did to my Dad. 😁

Now I did the bag, the tag thingy, cookie mix, 2 hot chocolate mixes (because my friend Lacey & I ate the candy-cane, marshmellows & Hershey kisses from one bag), and the pom-pom penguin (Mr. Penguin).

I’m hoping that our cookies this year are actually cookies, because last year my Dad & I put the mix too close to each other, and they turned out to be two big things!

In the end, they let you take as many Hersey kisses and marshmallows as you want, so my friend got a little carried away with that and it got a bit crazy . . . .

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