History’s Most Forgotten US Presidents

By Anand Palshikar, History & Collections Desk

There have been 45 presidents and not everyone can name them all. Here are history’s most forgotten presidents.

  1. Millard Fillmore
    Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of
    the United States and was the last member
    of the Whig party to be President. He had
    no Vice President and was from New York.
    He was the vice president of Zachary Taylor
    and filled in when Taylor died of stomach
  1. James Garfield
    James Garfield was the 20th president of
    the United States was from the Republican
    party and was assassinated on July 2nd, 1881.
  2. James Buchanan
    James Buchanan was the 15th President of
    the United States and was a Democrat, and
    many people consider him to be the worst
    President ever. He is often credited with
    starting the Civil War because he was right
    before Lincoln.
  3. James Monroe
    James Monroe was the 5th president and was
    from the Democratic-Republican party and
    was surprisingly good for being so
    unknown. He issued the Monroe Doctrine, a
    policy of opposing European colonization in
    the Americas. Monroe was in the Senate, the Continental Army, was the seventh Secretary of State, the eighth Secretary of
    War and in the Continental Congress.
  4. James Polk
    James Polk was the 11th president and was a
    Those are the most forgotten presidents
    and their stories. They all didn’t do much
    but they are a part of our history.
James Monroe. Source: Library of Congress.

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