Summer ’19 Adventure: Alligator Farm

By Julia Silverman

Over the summer my family and I went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida and experienced a behind the scenes tour. We saw a lot of things there including a Komodo dragon, a kingsnake, and lots of crocodilians including crocodiles, alligators, caiman, and gharials.

We saw a famous alligator named Chance the Snapper! He was caught in a Chicago park this summer. We also got to watch them feed the alligators. It was cool how the alligators responded to their names and rose out of the water to get the food. We also saw albino alligators and baby Galapagos tortoises! There were also other animals like birds, monkeys and even sloths.

The Alligator farm has all 24 species of crocodilians living there! If you go there, you could zipline over the alligators or rock climb over snakes or take a treetop course of the farm! Also, you can go to fun shows featuring animals! At the shows you can see all sorts of animals.

Also, there is the option to do a fossil dig or get a picture with a snake or baby alligator.  My brother and I enjoyed holding the animals. I always wanted to hold a snake! I had a lot of fun on the behind the scenes tour and I would recommend it. The alligator farm is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am-6:00 pm.

Petting a Turtle
Albino Alligator
The author, Julia, and her brother.

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