Update: WES Reading Olympics Returns Victorious

By Mackenzie Rose

The WES Reading Olympic teams competed at Northley Middle School in Aston, PA.  Team Tropical Blue did a great job.  The Maroon team came in 2nd place with 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie. My team, Cardinal Red, came in 1st place with 3 wins, 0 losses, and 0 ties.

There were 3 rounds and every time the announcements came on to announce the news for the Olympics, the announcer said a joke. For example, she said, “Where do books go when they are scared?……… Under their covers!”

The Olympics were AMAZING and I will never forget them. The only bad thing was that I didn’t get home until 8:37.  Even though it ended at 8:00, it was a great experience and I wish GOOD LUCK to any future Olympians.

Editor’s Note:  When you are in fifth grade, watch for the notice to join Reading Olympics.  The club meets and has a lot of fun.bfg




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