WES Cub Scout Pack 284

By Julia Silverman, Webelo

Cub Scouts is a group you can join where you do fun activities and experiments.

Every other Tuesday, Cub Scout Pack 284 meets at Wayne Elementary School, usually in the Cafeteria. Sometimes they take special trips, like to the firehouse or the police station.

Most of the time we work on earning badges.  There are lots of different badges to earn, and you learn a new skill for every badge.  For example, I’ve learned a lot about physical fitness, science, and our community.  I’ve also learned how to safely use a pocket knife.

Every year in the winter we go indoor camping somewhere interesting.  One year we went to the Franklin Institute. This year we went to the natural history museum in Philadelphia. I really liked sleeping near the dinosaur skeletons!

Every year in late winter we have a car race called the Pinewood Derby.  In the Pinewood Derby you make a car out of a block of wood and then race it on a track against other people’s cars.  There are a lot of different awards, including speed awards and design awards.

When it’s not too cold we go outdoor camping in tents.  We toast marshmallows over a campfire and make s’mores, and we cook our own meals.  At night we sit around the campfire and act out skits and sing songs.

Anybody in grades K to 5 can join.  Cub Scouts used to be just for boys, but last year they started allowing girls.  In Cub Scouts the girls and boys are in dens together.

Depending on your grade, you are in different dens.

These are the Cub Scout dens:

K – Lions

1 – Tigers

2 – Wolves

3 – Bears

4 – Webelos (Webelos stands for We Be Loyal Scouts.)

5 – Arrow of Light

After fifth grade the you move up to Scouts BSA, and boys and girls are in separate dens.

If you want to join the Cub Scouts, you can email pack284waynepa@gmail.com.

Here are what some other scouts said about Cub Scouts:

“I think it’s really good because the experiments are cool, and whenever we take a trip the people are really nice. My favorite thing about Scouts is that in every den you get to do different things,” said Josh Silverman.

“I like when we go on fun trips,” said Perri Bruhns.




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