Villanova Men are the Big East Champs

The Beast of the East

By Connor Walsh

Villanova Men’s basketball team are the Big East Champions for the third time in a row.

The Wildcats defeated the Seton Hall Pirates on March 16, 2019, 74 to 72, for the Big East title. The game was at Madison Square Garden and it was played in front of a sold out crowd. There were 19,756 people and I was lucky to be there.

When I sat down in my seat, I was so excited to be at the game. I was on the Seton Hall side so I heard cheering for Seton Hall. The bands were playing the Seton Hall and Villanova fight songs. Everybody around me were wearing Seton Hall jerseys. That made me proud to be a Villanova fan.

Myles Powell led the Seton Hall Pirates with 25 points and the rest of the team only had 40 points combined. Villanova had four lead scorers and they were Eric Paschall with 17 points, Phil Booth with 16 points, Saddiq Bey with 16 points, and Jermaine Samuels with 12 points.

This game was so close the whole time, with many lead changes. There were many questionable calls causing the fans to stand up and boo!

At the end of the first half the score was 28 to 26, in favor of Villanova. In the second half, the teams each scored 46 more points. At three minutes left to play, Samuels drilled a 3 to make Villanova’s lead 7 points. I could see the sweat dripping down the players as they fought for the win.

Luckily, Seton Hall’s Powell missed a 3-pointer, so Villanova could clutch another title. The Nova players celebrated and confetti fell from the ceiling. Shortly after the game, there was a ceremony honoring the Cats with the winning trophy.  Phil Booth was named the MVP. The Cats did it again!

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