History of St. Patrick’s Day

Who is St. Patrick?  Plus: Fun Facts

By Lilah Kenny

“Dia dhuit Cairde” (Hello Friends)

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Or who is St. Patrick? Some of you might already know but, others might not.  If you want to know “léamh ar” (read on)!

Who is St. Patrick? St. Patrick was a saint in Ireland who was born in the 4th century. They don’t have a record of where he was born. People think he was raised near a village called Banna Vemta Burniae but its location cannot be identified. It may have been in Scotland but it is possible it was Wales.

His father, Calpornius, was a Roman-British army officer and a deacon. And his grandfather was a priest too. Even though his family was involved in the church, the young Patrick did not believe.

His life was simple until the age of 16. DUNH DUNH UNHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick was kidnapped with many others by Irish Pirates. They took him to Ireland where he was held captive for six years. During this time, he became very religious. He thought all this bad luck was a punishment for not having faith in God. After six years, he heard a voice telling him that he would soon go home, and that his ship was ready.

Running away from his master, he went two hundred miles away, and found a ship captain to take him on board. After three days of sailing, they landed, and they all walked for 28 days in the woods. After Patrick prayed for food, they found a bunch of wild boar. The people loved him! After a while Patrick decided that he wanted to stay in Ireland and there he would join the church and become a priest for the rest of his life. And then after death he became a Saint!

PARTY TIME!!!!! We Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on what people think is the day of his death, March 17th, with parades and PARTIES!!!! It’s a fun way to celebrate the Irish even if you’re not!


  • St. Patrick celebrated the three leaves of the shamrock, because it looked like the cross. This is now the national flower/plant of Ireland. He also banished snakes from Ireland even though there weren’t any there!!!

  • Did you know that they dye the Chicago river Green on St. Paddy’s Day?!

  • Did you know the northern Fountain at the White House is dyed green too?

  • Did you know there is no “corn” in the famous meal “corned beef and cabbage?”

  • Did you know that there is a famous treat for St. Paddy’s Day, and it’s called the Shamrock Shake! Which is green and minty. The creators are the non-Irish McDonald’s People!?

Check my next piece on Leprechauns!!!!!

Resource: National Geographic Kids and Wikipedia. For fun watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfrwReAi-3k

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