Figure Skating: Meet Alysa Liu & Nathan Chen

By Leah Zhang 😉

The national figure skating championship just ended.  Famous skaters compete.

Two of them are the youngest skater ever to compete & the quad jump champion. That would be the 13-year old, Alysa Liu, and Nathen Chen!



Alysa Liu                             Nathan Chen

Alysa Liu is 13 years old, but is the youngest ever to win the ladies figure skating gold medal. She started at age five.  Alysa also has a smile. She says that she wants something to be recognized from her, like the smile. It also helps her think of the positives instead of the negatives. She is still too young to be in the Olympics, even though she thinks that age doesn’t matter. It’s the skill that counts. Alysa is in 9th grade and doesn’t really like candy.  She said that she is more of a “salty” snacker.

Alysa’s coach, Laura Lipetsky, is working on Alysa’s moves & improving step by step, day by day, and sometimes if you do triple jumps when you are young, you can lose that ability when your body grows & changes.

Nathan Chen started when he was three, in his sister’s white skates. And in 2003, when he was four, he entered his first competition. But now, he is 19 years old and is enrolled at Yale.  He also loves basketball. Last year, he messed up. He fell like 3-4 times each performance, except for the last one. That mainly brought his score up. He also looked nervous & shaky.  Nathan is also the first person to ever land a quad, (four turns around) in the Olympics!

So he can be called Nathan Chen, or The Quad King. Nathan was the youngest men to win a gold medal in the men’s figure skate.  He was 18 years old. Plus he never gives up.


What about you? Who is your favorite?


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