Arts Desk: A Night at Ballet X

By Danby G. Morrison 

I went to Philadelphia on a Saturday night in December to the Wilma Theatre to see Ballet X, an unexplainably beautiful show.

There were three measures of the dance, the first measure was a newly created one called Yonder, a piece describing hopes and dreams and it was lovely the way they move on the stage so calmly but rapidly.

The second piece was about the Titanic, it was called The Last Lifeboat, it’s about a lady who survived on the Titanic, and they played an actual tape of her voice! She’s dead now, though.

The last measure was about a Napoleon king who people didn’t really respect.  The 3rd measure was very wacky, loud, and fast.

But in the end, it was all magnificent!  


Editor’s Note:  The BalletX spring season opens Wednesday March 6, 2019.   Tickets and information are available via

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