By Connor Walsh

Have you ever skied or snow boarded before? I have skied and it is fun and exhilarating! I have skied on six different mountains in Pennsylvania with family and friends. Starting one of these sports early will be easier than starting at an older age, because you excel rapidly.

Another great thing about skiing is you can hang out with your family. T

he Pennsylvania Ski Area Association wants more 4th and 5th graders to ski or snow board. They offer a free pass that gives you two years of skiing or snowboarding.

With this “Ski for Free” pass you get one free lesson, ski or snow board, and you get to go up to three times for free at each Pennsylvania mountain.

If you do not own equipment you can rent equipment at any resort. If you want to apply for the pass you would register at


When you are skiing you may see in person things you are learning about in school including predator and prey and the rock studies, i.e. geology.

This pass can save a lot of money because an average youth lift ticket is around $50! I think that the ski for free pass is a great idea. I hope this encouraged you to hit the slopes!

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