Business Desk: Apple vs. Microsoft

By: Ben Rickmond 👨‍💻

Image result for cool apple logos Image result for cool microsoft logos

This game is comparing two of some of the well-known companies ever I think you know who will win!

Company Apple Microsoft
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $265,595,000,000 $110,360,000,000
CEO Tim Cook Satya Nadella
Founder Steve Jobs Bill Gates
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 132,000 134,944
HEADQUARTERS Cupertino, CA Redmond, WA
STOCK PRICE AAPL (NASDAQ) $154.94 +1.87 (+1.22%) MSFT (NASDAQ) $105.38 +0.37 (+0.35%)
FUN FACT Apple has so much money, it has twice the amount of the U.S Treasury!! Microsoft employees are expected to bring M&Ms to the office to share on their work anniversaries — the tradition is one pound for every year they’ve been with the company.

Of course, Apple wins by revenue. Cool that Apple has more money than the treasury!

Did you know that Apple is the largest information technology (IT) company in the world.

Next game: The Coca Cola Company VS PepsiCo.

Image result for microsoft total employees












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