By Ben Rickmond 

As you probably know, the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently outbreaking around the entire world. So, what exactly is the corona virus? Well, it is this new virus that Chinese health officials first documented in December 2019. All the different news sites are covering this crazy virus, so all the sites have different totals. So, trying to say official, I am choosing to check the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for the COVID-19 updates. The CDC says that as of March 21st, there are a total of 15,219 cases in the US. Now in Pennsylvania, says that there 371 cases and the CDC say there are 185 ( is more accurate, as of 3/21/20). See how many numbers there are to choose from? In Delaware County, (our county), says there are 33 cases in Delaware county. That is a starter overview of the novel Coronavirus!*

The coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that look like a crown. Crown in Latin is corona, so that’s how it got its name. The coronavirus that is stirring up trouble today is a NOVEL coronavirus. There were other coronaviruses in 2003 and 2012.  The novel Coronavirus disease started with a group of people with pneumonia, that were present in a live animal market in China.  From there, sick people spread the disease to family, and healthcare workers. Then the virus started spreading around the word. The past coronaviruses started from animals and spread to humans. The animal for the novel coronavirus is unknown but theorized to be bats. That’s why the people in the live animal market got pneumonia which morphed into coronavirus. People that are caring for people infected with the virus have a very high risk.  

As the coronavirus is closing schools and the stores are emptying, a lot of stress is happening around the globe. You may get a little frustrated about everything that is happening. You may even be scared that you will get the virus yourself.  I suggest using Headspace to help calm down a bit. They are offering free help during this time.  Try to relax a bit.  Anyway, just because you have a cough, or a fever does not mean you have the coronavirus. Remember that it is still the cold and flu season, and you could have the common cold or the flu.

These are some of the serious symptoms. Remember, that this virus is still very new, so this information can change.  Symptoms can be from mild to severe.  Some symptoms are a fever, cough, or shortness of breath. In more serious cases, there has been pneumonia and kidney failure.  To get tested to see if you have coronavirus, they take a sample and look for genetic evidence of their virus using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques, which identifies the virus’s genetic fingerprint. Click here for lessons on Khan Academy about PCR. There is no current treatment or vaccine, but treatment and vaccines are in development.

People diagnosed with the virus are in supportive care. You can prevent this virus by thoroughly washing hands, and covering mouth and nose with tissue while sneezing or coughing. The World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend wearing masks if you are not sick. If you have the symptoms listed above, then you should wear a mask, call your doctor first, and go seek medical care immediately.  If you are caring for someone that is diagnosed with coronavirus then it would be appropriate to wear a mask. Also, WHO says that masks alone are not enough. They suggest that masks are only effective in combination with frequent hand washing with soap or an alcohol-based hand rub.  If any symptoms are present, go to your doctor EARLY and share your travel history. 

So, what is the country doing about this? Well, recently PA Governor Tom Wolf closed all schools across Pennsylvania from March 16-27 or longer.  Also, recently, Gov. Tom Wolf closed all the non-life sustaining business.  That means that all unnecessary stores and places are now closed. Like gyms and other stores. Grocery stores like Whole Foods, Acme and WaWa are still open for the public use.  Lots of stores across the country are out of stock.  That is because people are trying to stock up on food so they have something to eat if they are enclosed in their homes.

I hope you found my article on the Novel Coronavirus interesting. To learn more, take a look at the links below. Also take a look out the CDC and WHO for trusted information. 

*All stats are from March 21st, 2020



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Now on Netflix: A Series Of Unfortunate Events

By Ben Rickmond

Today I am reviewing a Netflix Original series, “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” based on the book series with the same name by “Lemony Snicket.”

With a total of 25 total episodes, each episode is based on the books in the book series with the same episode name. Each book is split into two episodes named part one and two, except the last one.  To learn more about the book series click here.  

The series starts out with the three Baudelaire children’s (Violet, Klaus, and Sunny) parents supposedly getting killed in a fire. They are forced to live with antagonist Count Olaf (played by Neil Patrick Harris) who will stop at nothing to get their enormous fortune the parents left behind in their will to the oldest child, Violet (played by Malina Weissman) when she comes of age.

Olaf says he will stop at nothing to get the fortune (you will see if you watch or read), but it is something more than that. From what I have watched, Count Olaf was originally a member of the V.F.D. He got in a fight with other members of the V.F.D, which included the Baudelaire’s parents. There was a large unknown incident, and Olaf left the V.F.D. This book has very complicated plot lines and can be tagged as Mystery and Dark Humor. 

This show is rated TV-PG, but lots of scary events appear in all the seasons. One scary moment is when one of the Baudelaire’s guardians pushes them down an empty elevator shaft and then becomes a antagonist. This book can get dark at some points, as Count Olaf will stop at nothing to get the fortune.  

You may want to think twice about showing the show to younger kids. 

The book and the show is thoroughly narrated personally by the author, whose pen name is Lemony Snicket (real name Daniel Handler). Lemony is played by Patrick Warburton as an on-screen narrator. 

Snicket often connects the books to his own life a bit. I highly suggest watching this show as it is addicting. I hope you enjoyed this review, and I hope you start watching! 

Local Sports: Radnor Aquatic Club

By Nancy Wible  

Take your marks! Beep!!! Do you swim in the summer? What about the winter? I swim in the winter on the Radnor Aquatic Club (RAC) team. There are eight groups: Piranha, Barracuda, Sharks, White, Red, Bronze, Blue, and High School.

I am in Red group and we have five practices a week. Wait what five practices! No! Only go the days that you can, I only go on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. There are also meets, which you aren’t required to go to, but they would like you to do some. Also, they want you to go to four practices but it’s fine if you can’t. If you want to go to the website here it is:  

RAC is also a great club because they have very encouraging and understanding coaches and swimmers. RAC is fun whether you want to learn how to swim or get a faster time in the 200 butterfly. This is why many families chose RAC!  

Who  Grade Class Group  Said 
Reece Brown  4th  Crowe  Red  “It is super fun when you swim with friends and the coaches are nice too.”  
Logan Bernabeo 4th  Cook  Red  “I think RAC is a great environment for young swimmers who are still learning. The coaches are very nice and supportive. RAC splits us into groups by ability, not age. I like this because I can be with kids that are around the same speed as me.”  
Nancy Wible  4th  Cook  Red  “RAC is a good way to get kids excited about swimming at a young age. Also it is fun because you are with swimmers that are on the same ability level as you.”  

Image: A swimmer doing the backstroke in the Radnor High School pool, home of Radnor Aquatic Club. Source: @RadnorAquatic on Twitter.

Radnor Basketball: Why REC?

By Nancy Wible  

Swish!  Do you play basketball in the winter? Lots of students at WES including myself choose to play REC.  

Why REC? Families chooses REC for many reasons, one of them being that it’s not too serious. Serious, what? Well you have one practice on a weekday and a game on a weekend. Some Malvern or CYO teams have practices every day that conflicts with lots of people schedules or they don’t love basketball enough to go every day.  

How can I sign up? Go to this website if you have an interest in signing up: make sure to sign up early slots fill up quickly lots of people want to be a part people who have played since they were 3 or people that are starting this year.  

Will I be with my friends? In REC you can request to be with a friend or a group of friends. You might not be with all them or any of them but the organizers will try their best. Every year they also make sure you’re with someone else that is in your school so you know someone and don’t feel left out.  

Do I need a parent to coach me? Parents usually volunteer to coach the teams. You can ask you parent if that’s what you would like but, if not that’s okay! Usually enough parents volunteer. My dad does coach me but my friends’ parents, Maddie and Reece’s don’t.   

Do kids who are better get more time to play? No! Everyone usually gets to play the same amount. If you don’t it’s not just the good kids that get more time on the court. Sometimes there are an uneven number of kids at the game so people have to stay in or stay out for two rounds.  


Who Grade Class Said 
Reece Brown (Player) 4th  Crowe REC basketball is not too serious, and the players, coaches, and Refs are USUALLY nice.  
Maddie Flynn (Player) 4th  Becker REC basketball is fun because you might see some people that you know on other teams.  
Sophia Damiani (Player)   4th  Cook  REC basketball is fun because you might make new friends on your team and the REFs and coaches are fair most of the time.  

Morning Announcements: Yes or No?

By Reece Brown and Maddie Flynn

“Good morning and welcome back to the latest buzz about Wayne Elementary School!”

That was what the morning announcements sounded like one year ago.

Do you think we should go back to the old way we did the morning announcements, where the fifth graders would say them? I remember when I was in 2nd grade I couldn’t wait to say the announcements in 5th grade. Now I may never be able to. The morning announcements were always fun to hear, and I used to pretend I was saying them with my pencil as a microphone.

Why we should have them back

Every student in 5th grade would get to say the announcements at least once in the school year. Us 4th graders should get a turn too! So many students agree that the morning announcements were always something they were excited to say when they finally got to 5th grade. They were excited to hear the morning announcements and they were at SCHOOL!!!!

If you aren’t convinced, maybe you should look at what others said about this topic.

4th grader Nancy Wible says, “It was fun to hear somebody you know. I remember hearing my brother on them on my birthday in 3rd grade. It was nice to hear the birthdays of others around you.”

Ailsa Gilmour in 4th grade says, “I was really looking forward to saying them in 5th grade, and I loved hearing them when I was sitting in class.”

Ani Desai in 4th grade says, “They were a great start to the school day and I really liked hearing the 5th graders say them!”

Ben Rickmond in 5th grade says, “It’s not fair because when we finally get to 5th grade, we don’t get to say them!”

So, after all this, what do you think about the morning announcements??!!

History’s Most Forgotten US Presidents

By Anand Palshikar, History & Collections Desk

There have been 45 presidents and not everyone can name them all. Here are history’s most forgotten presidents.

  1. Millard Fillmore
    Millard Fillmore was the 13th president of
    the United States and was the last member
    of the Whig party to be President. He had
    no Vice President and was from New York.
    He was the vice president of Zachary Taylor
    and filled in when Taylor died of stomach
  1. James Garfield
    James Garfield was the 20th president of
    the United States was from the Republican
    party and was assassinated on July 2nd, 1881.
  2. James Buchanan
    James Buchanan was the 15th President of
    the United States and was a Democrat, and
    many people consider him to be the worst
    President ever. He is often credited with
    starting the Civil War because he was right
    before Lincoln.
  3. James Monroe
    James Monroe was the 5th president and was
    from the Democratic-Republican party and
    was surprisingly good for being so
    unknown. He issued the Monroe Doctrine, a
    policy of opposing European colonization in
    the Americas. Monroe was in the Senate, the Continental Army, was the seventh Secretary of State, the eighth Secretary of
    War and in the Continental Congress.
  4. James Polk
    James Polk was the 11th president and was a
    Those are the most forgotten presidents
    and their stories. They all didn’t do much
    but they are a part of our history.
James Monroe. Source: Library of Congress.

2020: Which Harry Potter House are You? Take the Quiz

By Reece Brown, Nancy Wible, and Maddie Flynn

Grab a piece of paper and write your answers!

Question #1

What would you do if you were in a building filling up with water and only had 10 seconds to get out?

Save myself, of course!

Run to grab my friend that’s stuck in the building.

It depends, if I have a way to save my friend then yes, but if there’s no way then I’m above everybody else.

I’ll try to save my friend, but I’m not sure if I will make it in time!

Question #2

What would you do if someone bullies your friend?

Laugh at them so I don’t get bullied too

Stand up to them

Run away and cry but never tell anyone about

Kill em’ with kindness, they’ll learn their lesson

Question #3

There’s a big party and only the best wizards can go to, but your parents won’t let you go due to a safety reason. What do you do?

Convince them and whine if I do it long enough, they’ll let me go. I am a great wizard after all.

Stay home, I don’t want to deal with them, I have better things to do anyway I will give them the silent treatment though.

Sneak out! They will never know! I am a master at outsmarting people!

Obey without question! They know what’s best!

Question #4

What’s your favorite color?





Question #5

What is your best trait?





Question #6

What fault do you notice in people that bother you the most?





Question #7

There is one more spot on your house Quidditch team. Your best friend knows you want that spot very badly. However, she is angry with you and uses magic to cheat to get on the Quidditch team, so you don’t get on. However, if you tell on her, she will get expelled from Hogwarts. What do you do?

Confront her, but don’t tell anyone because you don’t want her to get expelled.

Get mad and don’t talk to her. Tell a teacher. She should not get rewarded.

Jinx her she will suffer humiliation soon enough then I will tell a Professor.

Leave them alone then find new friends to hang out with for a little while.

Question #8

People know you as______.





Question #9

Some 5th years are picking on the 1st years. You are the 3rd year. What do you do?

Stand up for the kid.

None of my business I shouldn’t get involved.

I feel bad for him but just laugh along so I look cool.

I feel bad but I can’t do anything they’re going to start picking on me.

Question #10

What house do you wish to be in?






Now tally up your score and find what house you answered for with the answer key!

Question 1: 1 Slytherin, 2: Hufflepuff, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Gryffindor

Question 2: 1: Slytherin, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 3: 1: Slytherin, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 4: 1: Slytherin, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 5: 1: Slytherin, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 6: 1: Slytherin, 2: Hufflepuff, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 7: 1: Hufflepuff 2: Slytherin 3: Gryffindor, 4: Ravenclaw

Question 8: 1: Slytherin, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Ravenclaw, 4: Hufflepuff

Question 9: 1: Gryffindor, 2: Hufflepuff, 3: Slytherin, 4: Ravenclaw

Question 10: 1: Hufflepuff, 2: Gryffindor, 3: Slytherin, 4: Ravenclaw

Fiction: Computer Crazies

By Ben Rickmond

“Jeez dude I want what I want!”

Hi, I am Dan Chipmunk, and I am not a chipmunk. I live in a computer. I am having a fight with my best friend, ASAP. I am frustrated, because he is older than me and can do more jobs in the computer, and that is not fair.

My dad is a RAM officer, and my mom is the GPU assistant. The computer we live in is a Dell 3100 2-in-1 Chromebook at an elementary school. I quickly apologized to ASAP, because fighting inside a computer can lead to internal misery as Grandpa Microchip said.

Anyway, I BARELY get to do any important jobs around here.  I work in the fan department. My friends and I are in the middle of fanning the computer. Our user is currently using Prodigy, a high-powered game. Do you see now how hard it is working in a computer now? 

Anyway, since Prodigy is a high-power website, all the chips heat up the computer a lot. That is where I come in. We get our power from Mr. Battery Pack, and then CPU James (super nice guy by the way) tells us when to turn the fans on. This is where my story begins. 

So, I was settling in for a normal day in the computer. I headed over to the “fan” area of the computer. I plugged in my earbuds and started working. Then, about fifteen minutes later, ASAP shouts something at me. I do not hear what he said, and I do not care. About another fifteen minutes later all the fan workers are GONE! I do not worry though; they went into the break room to get some “chips.” Then, the power shut off for some reason. After that I heard yelling, “I told him,” I heard ASAP say. Then CPU James and ASAP came out. 

“What are you doing?” said CPU James. 

“Nothing” I said. 

“WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD HIM!!” CPU James exploded, “Now we are stuck in the computer hospital!!,” He yelled “You’re in big trouble ASAP, we’re shoving you into a flash drive and you’re NEVER coming back!” 

“No! Please I’ll do anything!” ASAP said. 

“You are older and have more power over him” CPU James said, “You should be able to control him to the fullest.” 

“No Buts!” said CPU James, “We are at the computer office, and we will be turned on in a minute.” He said. “ASAP come with me and you, Dan, go home NOW,” said CPU James. But when I got home ohh boy.  My parents were the maddest I have ever seen them. “I can’t believe you would do such a thing. Doing that to your own friend.” “You are never listening to music again. You are also never working again,” They said. 

The next day was wild. Since I never turned off the fans, they were still running. And so, some people thought to keep working- and some people listened to CPU James to them turn off.

So, with half the chips doing what they were supposed to, and half not, the entire computer was malfunctioning and had to be forced to shut down.

Now the computer was broken, because of the overload. We are now in the computer office, right next to the computer hospital. The scariest place on earth. My parents are making me try to go to CPU James and get ASAP out of trouble, a.s.a.p. I tried, but he would not budge.

“Your punishment is to feel bad for your friend and be sad to see him go- if you actually care.” CPU James said. I left his office, felling miserable.

As I walked home, Grandpa Microchip stopped me. 

“Why the long face kiddo?” he said.

“I was the reason for the malfunction,” I said. 

“Oh,” he said, “CPU James told me.”  

“Yeah,” I said as I told him the whole story. 
“Ah,” he said, “I may be able to help you.” 

“Really?”, I said. 

“Yes” he said, “You see, I may be able to change your appearance so you can switch places and identities with ASAP”, he said, “But ASAP will have to agree with you himself. Then you will be stuck in the flash drive instead of ASAP. Come back here with him on Saturday at five o’clock.” 

“Okay,” I said, “See you then!” 

It took some convincing to get ASAP to come with me, but he came.

At first, he said, “I wouldn’t come with you if my life depended on it.” But I met with him at his house at 4:55 pm on Saturday and was somehow able to get him to forgive me. We zoomed over to Grandpa Microchip’s Office. 

“Alright boys,” he said “We are about to change the appearances of you two. I asked your parents, so they already know, and they confirmed. So, are you sure you guys want to do this?” 

“YES!” we both cried. 

“All right, then you will have to have the appearance of each other for the rest of your lives.” 

“Okay,” I say. 

“Alright then, said Grandpa Microchip, “3-2-1 FLASH!” There was a great boom. Suddenly, “HEY,” said ASAP, “WE look SO different!” 
“Excellent!”, said Grandpa Microchip. “The permanent switching is a complete!  Now, remember, you don’t need to act different around your new parents, but you should for everyone else.  Don’t worry about your voices, no one will notice. Have fun with your new appearances, now good-bye boys!”

The next couple of days have been CRAZY! Living with a different family is tough. Anyway, we are on our way to the prisoner’s ceremony when the prisoners go into the flash drive forever. I fear what will happen to me in the flash drive but I wanted to do this save my friend. S o, after all of the hugs and good-byes from my real parents and other friends, I was ready to step into the drive. As I walked on the path to the flash drive, CPU James said “You’ll go far!”

And then ASAP gave a handshake and then I said, “write to me, will you?” He laughed and said, “We don’t write, we type!”

“Ha-ha,” I said.

Then walked right into my new life. 


Bingo Night: A WES Tradition

By Ben Rickmond

Bingo night is an annual tradition that is PTO-run. Bingo night is usually in the middle of January. This year, bingo was on Friday, January 10th from 7:00-8:45pm.

It is fun for everyone! So you come in and pick up your cards, sit down, chat with friends and begin Bingo! There are multiple rounds, like regular (up, down and diagonal), T, four corners, and the final round X. If you are a winner you raise your hand and then get to go onstage to pick a prize. The first one who wins the X wins a bigger prize, better then all the others. Usually it is a gigantic teddy bear. My friend Graci Gill won the grand prize this year.

If you have never been before, you can sign up next year on the WES PTO website. It really is a fun time. As ever, all proceeds are donated to WES. There were quite a lot of parent volunteers. Thank you parents and students! See, you next time.

A picture from the 2020 bingo night. Credit: WES PTO.

All About Snapchat

By Ben Rickmond 

Snapchat is an image messaging service that posts videos for a short amount of time once users click on the video. Which means that you can post videos to your friends and when they click on the video, the video/picture is only available for the amount of time the poster chooses. Let’s say you post a video with your friends at Target and you put the video for 15 seconds. When your friends watch it, they will only be able to see it for, 15 seconds.  

Snapchat was developed by Snap Inc. Snapchat was created by three former Stanford students, Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown. It started when Evan Spiegel was talking with Reggie Brown. He said “I wish that these pictures that I am sending to this girl would disappear”. 💡 That gave Evan the Idea for Snapchat. Then he created (along with the others) the original website: Picaboo in July 2011. They gained 127 users at the end of the summer. Reggie Brown left in an argument with the others shortly after the company was created.  Then, Evan and Bobby re-named the company “Snapchat”.  Snapchat became popular with school kids because they could text in class and the teachers would never know. In 2012, Snapchat gained 100,000 users by April 2012. The company also turned down a $3 billion acquiring offer from Facebook in Jan 2014. Snapchat has now 210 million users as of July 2019. Snapchat is now owned by Snap Inc. Evan is the CEO and the current stock price is shown below. 

1-2-3 SNAP! Snapchat is gaining more users EVERY day. There is currently 310.7 monthly million users as of summer 2019*. 90% of those people are 13-24 years old*. Wow! Not many adults use Snapchat, do they? Also, 3 billion snaps are created every day! * Unfortunately, some users decided to post inappropriate snaps. These users might be pressured by friends that have more followers/likes because they post inappropriate snaps. More teens do this on this app because they are supposed to disappear. But watchers can easily screenshot any video or picture on their phone, so snaps never really disappear. That was not what Reggie Brown wanted in the first place. I believe that Snapchat is in the top three most popular apps at WES in 4th-5th grade. Thank you for reading and be sure to check out more articles from my social media reviews series! See good security practices on this expert review. Coming Soon: TikTok! 

Sources and videos: 

 *Quote for the Statistics. 

Stock: NYSE: SNAP 17.41 USD +0.050 (0.29%)  
At close: January 10 4:04PM EST

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Good Review :

Concert Review: GVF at the Met in Philly

By Danby Morrison

WES Buzz Pop Culture News Desk Chief of 2019



On December 30, 2019, I went to see one of the coolest, Grammy-winning bands of this era, Greta Van Fleet. I have mentioned this band before, but seeing them live for the first time ever, I realized that they were amazing beyond words, beyond the human language, maybe. In this month’s Pop Culture edition of The WES Buzz, I will be covering what to expect in Greta Van Fleet’s songs, the band’s background information, the cool concert set-up, and the venue The Met itself.

What to Expect

The band often will do special things with their songs at concerts, such as extending drum solos and guitar solos. They will also have sing-along songs, where they’ll tell you something to sing, and, well, you sing it (duh…). Like a call-and-response type thing.

Safari Song: One of the band’s top hits is the love-filled “Safari Song.” At concerts, one of the lyrics is “Oh mama, what you gonna to do with all that love in YOUR HEART.” Before the “your heart” part of the lyric, the singer will hold out their microphone to the crowd, so the audience sings it with them. They not only do this at the chorus lyric, but at the end when the only thing the singer sings is “YOUR HEART.”

Watch Me (Labi Siffre cover): Not only at the concert that I went to, but I have watched several live feeds on YouTube of their other concerts, and they do a Labi Siffre cover of a song called “Watch Me” where they tell the crowd to sing the, not really words, but sounds: “Pa na na na na pa na na na na pa,” twice.

Highway Tune: In their super rockin’ song “Highway Tune” in concert, the bridge of the song is where the drummer plays one drum and the singer claps his hands with the microphone in one hand. And hundreds of people in the audience join in by clapping their hands. “Highway Tune” is also a very Dancy song.

During concerts they also tend to extend a lot of their songs. At the concert I went to, they did a snippet of their song called “Anthem” in the song “Flower Power.”

GVF’s Harmonic History

Where They Began

First of all, the band’s drummer wasn’t always the amazing Danny Wagner. When the band first formed in 2012, their drummer was a mediocre player named Kyle Hauck who quit after 2013. They soon replaced Hauck with their close family friend Daniel Wagner. (Who does the best darn drum solos of the 2000’s ever!)

The band was formed by the three brothers Josh, Jake, and Sam Kiszka (just because they wanted to because they all knew how to play instruments, including Josh’s incredible vocals). And Kyle Hauck, one of their friends, became the drummer. The band name “Greta Van Fleet” was inspired by the Frankenmuth, Michigan (where they grew up) town elder Gretna Van Fleet.  The variation of the first name was so it’d be easier to say.  The elder says that even though classic rock isn’t her type, she still supports the band no matter what. The band with Kyle Hauck recorded the tracks “Cloud Train” and “Standing On”. (Unfortunately, as I had mentioned before, Hauck quit after 2013, but he was replaced by the mind-blowing Danny Wagner!)

Albums & EPs

In March 2017, the band got a deal at Lava Records and made the single “Highway Tune” off of their first four-song EP Black Smoke Rising. In November 2017, they recorded four new tracks and created an eight-track album called From The Fires.  Which included (in my opinion) Van Fleet’s best song Safari Song.  Their most recent album was released on October 19, 2018, they recorded their full-length debut album Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, which topped BillBoard Rock Album Charts within a week of its release. Their Peaceful Army song “When The Curtain Falls” was Van Fleet’s third number-one on Billboard and was released ahead of time in July 2018. They started their debut tour “March of the Peaceful Army” in August 2019 and ended on December 30th, 2019.

The Cool Concert Set-up

Now I dare say, the stage of their Met performance was absolutely awesome.  The intro to the band’s performance was smoke rising from the stage, lit up by the multi-colored spotlights. When Greta Van Fleet first came on the stage, the lights went dark and the only light came from the blue-lit stage.  The band looked like cool silhouettes in the dark as a thousand people started cheering loudly and Van Fleet gave their short introduction speech.  “You ready for the celebration?” the singer said to the audience. And the lights were constantly changing, sometimes red, and sometimes yellow.  The spotlights were exquisite.

Details of the Met

You might think of the Met as some kind of historic, classy place where sopranos performed. But just one year ago the Met was reopened to the public and has a completely new design.  It has a very modern-style bar, they use downloaded tickets on your phone for admission, they even have popcorn and cotton candy like a typical movie theater.  It is an amazing theater.  And, as you can probably tell by now, the lighting design people are just luminescent! And not to mention outside there’s a theater-type sign with their upcoming shows.  My friend took a picture of me in front of the preview sign when it flashed the show for Greta Van Fleet!  The Met also has colorful lights on the outside, too.  There’s a huge sign that says “The Met: Philadelphia” on it.

I hope you learned a lot about the venue the Met, the amazing concert set-up Greta Van Fleet made, and Van Fleet’s fascinating music history.  Watch videos of live concert feeds on youtube of Greta Van Fleet performing at the Met! Search for it on December 30th ‘cause that’s when I went and it was awesome!


Inside the Met

Urban Myths: Chupacabra v Yeti

By Matt Demopolos


Chupacabra means “goat sucker” in Spanish because, well, it sucks goats’ blood. Okay, so, Chupacabra is a fairly new legend. According to one news report, stories of Chupacabra emerged in the 1990s, but what people think Chupacabra looks like changed a lot since then. Back when it started, people believed Chupacabra was a 3- to 5-foot-tall ape-like creature with gray hair, spikes on its back, and big eyes.

Old Chupacabra (drawing).

But now, people think that Chupacabra is more like a canine, but this ends up confusing people. People mistake coyotes with mange for Chupacabra. Mange is a sickness which makes the animal that gets it lose its fur and makes its skin red or hyper-vibrant black.

New Chupacabra (might be a fake).

All right, it’s story time. A man named Benjamin Rafords found some reports of Chupacabra with some real-life bodies, so he did some DNA tests, and he found out that a lot of them were coyotes and dogs. One even turned out to be a fish! The dogs and coyotes had mange and the fish just looked weird. Okay, so let’s go back a little. You know how I said stories about Chupacabra started in the 1990s? Well, that was kind of true. The myth may have started in Puerto Rico soon after the movie Species, with a creature that looked like Chupacabra, was released there.

A dead Chupacabra just like the ones Rafords did DNA testing on (this one might also be a fake).


Abominable snowman

A synonym for Yeti, the term “the abominable Snowman” first appeared in 1921. That was the same year that British Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard Bury commanded the 1921 British Mount Everest reconnaissance expedition. He used this name when he found tracks kind of like human footprints (barefoot) but bigger.

Abominable snowman (FAKE)

The Yeti was from pre-Buddhist beliefs. Pre-Buddhists believed that the Yeti was a Glacier Being — a god of the hunt.

In 1925, N.A. Tombazi, who worked at the Royal Geographical Society, wrote about a creature he saw at around 15,000 feet. He looked humanoid but bigger. Tombazi said that the creature occasionally ripped up a bush.

Yeti on a mountain (still could be a fake).

The Yeti was also spotted by the Indian Army’s expedition team at Makalu Base Camp. They saw large footprints and thought it was the Yetis. The Yeti’s footprint was said to be 32 inches long and 15 inches wide! If you’re thinking, “Oh, it could just be some large human feet,” YOU’RE PROBABLY WRONG because the largest known human feet were 15.78 inches long. Is 32 a lot more than 15.78? YES, so unless a human wore huge shoes, it wasn’t a human. Plus, this was in the Himalayas, so if it were humans, they would have to be walking in the huge shoes in the freezing cold.

What the Yeti footprints might have looked like (I looked for ones on the Himalayas so it’s an accurate picture. Guess what? It still could be a fake).

Places to thank for the information. You might have to click enter for it to work


Meet Mrs. Savage from the Office

By Leah Zhang

Mrs. Savage is the new school secretary. She’s the sister of Mr. Savage, who used to be the Vice Principal here at WES. Now he’s being the Principal in another school in Wallingford-Swarthmore. Mr. Savage was awesome, but Mrs. Savage is too!  

Q & A:  

Question: Is Mrs. Savage the older or younger sister?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage is the younger sister of 3! 

Question: Does Mrs. Savage like it here?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage likes it here, because she can use different skills.  

Question: What’s her favorite food?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage’s favorite food is Mac & Cheese.  

Question: What does she like to do in her free time?  

Answer: Mrs. Savage likes to watch movies, listen to music, & dance.  

Question: Is her brother annoying?  

Answer: Yes.  

Fun Facts          

  1. Mrs. Savage helps choreograph the musical at Radnor Elementary School.                                         
  1. She likes to have a movie hangout with friends so that she can watch kid’s movies.                     
  1. She’s 4 on the inside.  

Social Media: Good or Bad?

By Ben Rickmond  

Did you know that some people believe that Facebook is becoming too powerful? The U.S. Government believes so. Multiple newspapers and websites such as The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times are reporting that Facebook is trying to integrate Instagram and WhatsApp. Basically Facebook is turning into a “monopoly,” which is when a bunch of major companies in the same market are all in one company. A monopoly creates a high stock price and almost total control of the market. This is outlawed by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC is trying to put a stop to the monopoly. As the government’s main business controller, the FTC could seek an injunction. “An injunction could deal a severe blow to Facebook and its efforts to combine its services, which began earlier this year. It would also leave the company more vulnerable to being broken up.” Quote NBC News.

The companies bought by Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, are both steadily growing and popular social media websites/apps. WhatsApp is a text-like messaging program available on most devices. WhatsApp is not so bad compared to other social media websites but parents have no way of seeing what messages kids send, according to Common Sense Media.

Instagram is a cool social media website designed to share pictures with family and friends. The main purpose is to share great pictures on the web. Like a lot of social media websites, it is misused and can be used to share “anything on the web” which drives away the site’s “true” purpose. There can be a lot of inappropriate posts, and hackers. Instagram also has many ads. Like Facebook, many of the ads are targeted. The ads can cost on average $.70-$1.00 per click.

In the end, a lot of kids at WES seem to use these social media services starting in about 4th-5th grade. From my perspective, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok are the most popular. All of these websites have pros and cons. Now you decide, Social Media, good or bad? 


Baseball Card Collecting: Wagner and Ruth

By Anand Palshikar

Over the years many rare baseball cards have taken the collection spotlight. Babe Ruths were popular in the ’90s but then the T-109 Honus Wagner baseball card took the spotlight. This card was canceled before more than 200 were made because they were sold with cigarettes and Wagner didn’t want to encourage kids to smoke. .

But recently the Babe Ruth rookie card has been popular because, well, Babe Ruth is pretty much the best player in the world and his rookie card is awesome. A Babe Rruth rookie card recently sold for $98,000 which is a new high so who knows what will come next? Maybe the Bryce Harper rookie card, (which I happen to have) will get the collecting spotlight soon. Nobody in the collection field knows what the future spotlights are, so the goal is when a card is a hit you already have it. So, the thing is, just get more cards. That is the goal!

Greek Myths: The Titian War

By Toby Kelsall

In the beginning there was only chaos. Gaea the earth goddess created Uranus the god of the sky. They married and gave birth to the 12 Titians, the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. Uranus was filled with disgust and fear of his children because he feared that he would be overthrown by them. So he sent them to Tartarus the world in Gaea where bad creatures go. Gaea loved all her children, so she unleashed her most ambitious child Kronos to overthrow his father.

After overthrowing his father, Kronos became the lord of the universe, but he only let free the other Titans, not the Cyclops and the Hekatonkheires. They were still in Tartarus so for that Gaea cursed Kronos saying, “As you overthrew your father your son will overthrow you!”

So when a Titan called Rhea gave birth to the first gods, Kronos ate them all except Zeus because Rhea had him sent to the island of Crete where Nymphs fed him ambrosia and nectar until he was old enough to fight Kronos.

Gaea told Zeus that his siblings were inside Kronos ́ belly, so he made a special potion to make him throw up his siblings. One night he went disguised as a waiter and poured the potion in the goblet with a mix of wine. As Kronos drank the wine he started to throw up his siblings (Hades, Poseidon, Hera, Demeter and Hestia). The battle of the Titians began but the gods needed help, so Gaea told Zeus go to Tartarus and free the Hekatonkheires and Cyclops. When he got there, he had to battle Kampe the prisoner ́s guard and in the end Zeus won.

Zeus freed the cyclops and Hekatonkheires and for that the Cyclops made powerful weapon’s such as Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, Poseidon’s Trident and Hades ́ helm of invisibility. The Hekatonkheires helped with the battle of the Titians by attacking them with mountains and swords. The Olympian’s won the war and sent the Titians to Tartarus.

The gods now ruled in Mount Olympus.

Meet Ms. B

WES Buzz reporter Will Clark sits down for a chat with Ms. B, aka Ms. Borrine, his 5th grade teacher.

When did you start at WES?

My official start date at WES was September 1, 1999.

Did you always want to work at WES?

I never imagined working at a school like WES. My dream was to work in a school where the community needed a ton of TLC and someone to come in and turn the neighborhood around starting with the school, as Joe Clark did in the movie “Lean on Me.”

The cover art from the famous movie “Lean on Me.”

I thought that meant I had to work in a school that did not have financial resources. I did not understand that just because there was an affluent area, hard-working, dedicated teachers are still needed and an important part of the community. I wanted to teach, be a school counselor, then become principal in a school in a low socioeconomic area. Dreams change. Sometimes ignorance is bliss. I knew that Radnor had the highest per pupil expenditure in the state when I came here and did not know much else about Wayne Elementary or the community. I was hired because of my compassion, high-expectations, dedication, and math experience. Here I am twenty years later. This was a long answer to your question. 

What’s your favorite part about being a WES teacher?

My favorite part about working at WES is that I feel like I make a difference. Whether you are working in one of the poorest parts of the city or one of the richest areas of the state, hard-work and dedication are needed by all students and their families. 
This answer probably sounds cliché, but my favorite part about working at WES are the relationships I’ve built in the WES community, professionally and personally.  

2019 PTO Trunk or Treat Delivers Again

By Leah Zhang

Have you ever been to Trunk or Treat? Well, it’s super fun, and if you weren’t there this year, then you came to the right WES Buzz story! Let’s begin.

First, let’s see what you had to do if you were setting up a trunk. It starts at 6:30, and you would be recommended to set up the thing first, and then take it to school to do the finishing touches, getting a certain number and place to park, but they wanted you to turn off the engines and don’t waste the car battery. But once it was in, it was in. They also recommended for them to bring the candy in a bowl or bag, but someone had to hold it, and limiting the candy so that it won’t run out. Trunk or Treat also ends at 7:30.

Next, I’m going to tell you about what I did. The effort was great, and everyone wanted to win! Of course, I went in order, and LOVED the hand hospital one. (See pictures!) I voted that for spookiest!

Then my friends and I went to each other’s trunk. Number 28, the Lan family who won last year, was trying to win again, &andI liked the singing pumpkins and the spiders moving with the candy, so I voted most spirited for them. I don’t remember who I voted for fanciest though, but here are two pics.

Fifth graders Reece, Gracie, Sam and the author Leah at the main event.

HANDS DOWN the Spookiest trunk, the Hand Hospital.

Now, there was a candy corn contest up at the front, counting how many pieces of candy corn that there was in the jar. I didn’t participate, only knowing at the last second. 😅 Answer: 157 pieces I think, and the winner of that was off by 4 pieces!

Then they announced the winners. Spookiest goes to the Rust Family, the one that I voted on! Most spirited to Gill Family, the baby shark! and lastly, fanciest goes to the Rickmond Family! (Harry Potter World)

The entry to the Rickmond’s trunk, the winner of Fanciest with their Harry Potter’s World display.
Another shot of Harry Potter World.

If any family would like to add their pictures to the story, email them to

VSCO Girls : Good or Bad?


 By Reece Brown, Nancy Wible, and Maddie Flynn  

 Are you a VSCO girl? Do you even know what VSCO means? People are considered VSCO when they wear over-sized sweatshirts, scrunchies, drink from hydro flasks, wear crocs and Birkenstocks, take pictures with Polaroid cameras, drink out of metal straws to save the turtles, wear puka shell necklaces and Pura Vida bracelets. Some people consider VSCO girls bad, others disagree though.

Where does VSCO come from? VSCO is also an editing app where you post pictures, kind of like Instagram, except you can’t comment and like pictures.  Instead, you ‘re-publish’ their pictures on your account to show that you like the photo.

Where did the words come from VSCO girls? Though VSCO girls have a lifestyle made up of scrunchies, Hydro Flasks, and metal straws, they also have a sort of language produced from viral memes and internet expressions. This language is not new, though, because it came from the way teenagers talk online, before it was later embraced by the VSCO girls.

What do VSCO girls look like? VSCO girls wear their hair in messy buns. They also wear oversized t-shirts, Crocs or Birkenstocks, and have scrunchies and Pura Vida bracelets all along their arms. They also hold Hydro Flasks with stickers on them and metal straws in the bottle. They  wear puka shell necklaces around their necks. They can be seen with Polaroid cameras also.

What do VSCO girls do? VSCO girls try to save the turtles by using metal straws instead of plastic ones. They also post photos on VSCO. VSCO girls also make string bracelets on the handle of their Hydro Flask.

What do VSCO girls say?  This is what VCSO girls say: “Oh this, this is just my hydro flask. Do you want one? And I oop and I oop sksksksk. What, you don’t have a scrunchie? Here, take mine! And I oop and I oop sksksks. OMG! Is that a plastic straw? Save the turtles!”

What do people think about VSCO girls? Will Clark, 5th grade, said, “I dressed up as a VSCO girl for Halloween because I thought it would be funny and my friends did it too.”

So, our overall question is, are VSCO girls good or bad?   Take this form to vote:

Rocks & Gems: An Exploration

By Julia Silverman & Leah Zhang  

Today we will show you five rocks, Amethyst, Obsidian, Green Fluorite, Yellow Tiger’s Eye, & Moonstone. So basically, we will take a poll, asking you which ones do you like the best? Then we will interview five people, asking them why they chose that rock/gem. We will also add a facts page, & we’ll also show you the results.  😉  

Let’s talk facts about the rocks & gems.

First up is Amethyst.  

Amethyst is a type of quartz. Amethyst is also the birthstone of February, the official gemstone of Wednesday & the 6th & 7 tenth wedding anniversary. You can usually find them in Brazil & Uruguay.  

Obsidian, yes, in Minecraft, but wait. There’s more. Obsidian ONLY forms near volcanoes. Seventy percent of Obsidian rock is silica. The best Obsidian is formed underground near a volcanic vent because those rocks will have limited impurities. You can usually find them in North Carolina & the eastern part of Virginia.  

Green Fluorite is also called Fluorspar, made-up of a mineral called calcium & fluoride also known as calcium fluoride. Fluorite is colorless, only colored because it has various impurities, usually found worldwide but especially China & South Africa.  

Yellow Tiger Eye is a Planetary stone for Gemini (May 21-June 20) & the official gem for the ninth wedding anniversary. It is also a member of the Chatoyant family, and Chatoyancy is a changeable silky luster when light reflects on it, within the thin parallel, fibrous bands. This effect is because of the fibrous structure of the material.  It’s often found in India.  

Finally, we have Moonstone! Moonstone comes in many different colors: white, grey, green, pink, blue, purple, orange, brown, and yellow. It is a sodium potassium aluminum silicate of the feldspar group, displaying a pearly & opalescent Schiller. You could also call it Hecatolite, found in Europe’s southern Alps.  


As you can see Amethyst was first, Green Fluorite was second, Obsidian was third, and Moonstone and the Tiger Eye tied for fourth and fifth. 


We interviewed 5 people that voted. Here’s what they said: 

Mrs. Morrison chose green fluorite because she says: “It reminds me of the ocean.” (Deep green color)  

Samantha chose Moonstone because she says:” It reminds me of the Moon, which has always been a symbol of peace.”  (Shiny pearly white with a hint of grayish pearly color.) 

Nancy chose ameythst because she says: “It’s pretty and cool” 

Will chose obsidian because he says: “I like it because it’s in Minecraft” (a shiny black) 

Leah chose tiger eye because she says: “I liked the stringy-umbrae affect.” (brown-yellow umbrae)  


Tiger’s Eye

Who Are Your Ancestors?

By Matt Demopolos and Anand Palshikar

Who are the people who make up you?

What are the genes that had what it took to survive?

What awesome things did they do?

And how do all of these things make up you?

Those are the interesting stories people want to hear, so here they are. Anyway, lets jump into the action.

Anand’s ancestor cut a guy’s head off with a sword because he didn’t want to pay taxes and then he hid in a tree.

Did anything interesting like that happen to you?

William W. Davies, another one of Anand’s ancestors, started a cult that tragically ended when his sons, who he claimed were Jesus and The Holy Spirit, died and the prophet, Davies, couldn’t bring them back to life.

Our friend Will Lambert’s ancestor was a General in the Civil War.

Matthew Demopolos’  great grandfather’s name sounds like Thanos but is actually Panos.

And we took a poll on 4th grade playground. Most people said they were from Europe.

These are the interesting stories that make up those people so we encourage you to find out about your family history also.

Fall is for Field Hockey

By Nancy Wible

Many kids at Wayne Elementary play soccer in the fall, but did you know that lots of girls play field hockey in southeastern Pennsylvania? On my field hockey team, we play against teams with girls from other schools in a recreational field hockey league. My FastFlicks team is named Crush and a lot of girls from WES are on it.

The field hockey field and positions look a lot like soccer. The objective of the game is the same as soccer too: move the ball up the field and shoot it into a goal. Unlike in soccer, though, field hockey players move the ball up the field by hitting it with a stick, not their feet. A field hockey stick looks like a cane, except one side is rounded and the other side is flat. The ball is round, small, and hard, and players dribble, pass, or shoot it with their sticks. Players can only use the flat side to hit the ball; if they hit it with the curved side, they commit a penalty and the other team gets the ball. Because players can only hit the ball with the flat side of the stick, it helps to go to the right ride of the field or even just on the side. This helps because the right is your strong side. For FastFlicks we play “Nine a side,” which means that there are nine people on each team playing on the field:  three forwards that try to score, three midfielders that play offense and defense, and three defenders whose job is to stop the other team from scoring.

One of the best chances to score in field hockey comes on penalty corners.  Corners will appear when you are on defense and the ball touches your foot in the circle or you hit the ball past the end line on purpose. The end line is the line that the goal is on, if you hit the ball past the end line it becomes out of bounds, and the circle is a half-circle that surrounds the goal. On an offensive corner, five players set up to score, the inserter passes the ball to a teammate who is standing on the line of the circle. That person who receives the ball either shoots or passes it to another teammate around the circle. Those other players sprint to get open for pass or rush the goal to get a rebound.  On defense, four players defend the goal on a corner. Everyone on a defensive corner stands in the goal to start, but they each have a different role to play after the offense inserts the ball: the fly, trail, and post. The fly runs to defend the player. The two trails run to the sides of the fly to intercept passes, and the post stands near the goal line to stop the shot (hopefully).

In the FastFlicks League, we play games at General Wayne Elementary School in Malvern each Saturday on the grass. Every week we play a team. There are nine teams in our division, and each week we play a different team. At games you’ll spot refs, parents, and coaches along with us the, players. I play in the 4th grade division. Only 4th graders play in this division, but next year when I’m in 5th grade I will play with 6th graders too. I’ll also play on turf fields at Eastern University.

Field Hockey recreation leagues are all around us because the National Headquarters of Field Hockey is at Spooky Nook in Lancaster, which is only two hours away. The U.S.A. women’s field hockey team can be spotted playing there. I watched them play a game against Belgium, and the US women won in a shootout. At that game, I got to watch a stroke, which is like a penalty kick in soccer except the player must push the ball toward the goal with her stick.  I got a T-shirt and even got on TV at that game.

College games are also super fun to watch. Earlier this month I went to College Park, Maryland, to watch the Iowa Hawkeyes play the Maryland Terrapins. Both teams had a lot of corners, but Maryland won 3-0. Another game I went to was UConn at Villanova. There are lots of college teams in this area that you could go to watch, too, from Villanova and Saint Joe’s on the main line to Drexel, Penn, Temple, and LaSalle in the city. The top 10 rankings are: 1 North Carolina, 2 Maryland, 3 UConn, 4 Duke, 5 Virginia, 6 Louisville 7 Virginia, 8 Iowa, 8 Princeton, 10 Syracuse as of October 21st, 2019. You can check to see the rankings and see other information on this website:

10 Books You Should Read

By Reece Brown


Green =Kindergarten, Yellow = 1st grade, Purple = 2nd grade, 

Red = 3rd grade, Blue = 4th and 5th grade

  1. The Day the Crayons Quit   By: Drew Daywalt 

2. Ramona The Pest  By: Judy Blume 

3. Stellaluna   By: Janell Cannon

4. Sarah, Plain and Tall    By: Sarah McLachlan

5. Dory Fantasmagory   By: Abby Hanlon

6. Third Grade Angels    By: Jerry Spinelli

7. The Year of Billy Miller  By: Kevin Henkes

8. Harry Potter   By: J.K. Rowling

 9. Keeper of The Lost Cities  By: Shannon Messenger

10. Where the Red Fern Grows   By: Wilson Rawls

Hope you found this list helpful! Stay tuned for more next week!


Have You Spotted A Spotted Lantern Fly?

By Maddie Flynn                         

Spotted lantern flies are currently invading Pennsylvania and a bunch of other nearby places too. The South Asian spotted lantern flies feed on the sap of trees and plants. When these creatures come across a tree or plant with sap on it, they get attracted to that tree. While eating the sap, they also leave behind tracks of poop that attract a mold that kills that tree or plant.

So, people are wondering what to do if they see a spotted lantern fly. This is from the Pennsylvania state website: “Kill it, smash it… just get rid of it.”

So, what are people at WES saying about spotted lantern flies?

Nancy Wible, 4th grade: “We must kill them quickly. The sooner the better!!!”

Julia Silverman 5th grade: “I hate all spotted lantern flies and I kill them all the time.”

Stella Baker, 4th grade: “I kill it! I kick the spot on the tree or ground where the lantern fly is.”

Will Clark 5th grade: “They’re disgusting!”

So, that’s what people at WES think about the invasive species, Spotted Lantern Flies.

American Independence Debate: A One Act Play

The war between the Patriots and Loyalists: Episode 1

By Will Clark

Narrator: A long time ago in this very galaxy and world, in our country, there was a war of ideas from different continents…


Loyalist: He thinks that the American patriots are wrong.

Patriot: He thinks that the British loyalists are wrong.

Scene: A tavern, somewhere in Virginia, about 1765.

L: How could people think that the colonists can govern themselves?

P: What are you talking about?

L: I’m talking about how the British should have a rule over the colonies and that you “patriots”  should stop acting like big babies.

P: We’re the babies? We don’t follow people to new colonies because we fear losing people for our own colony. 

L: We’re not scared, the British are more powerful then you will ever be.

P: What do you mean? You don’t know if we’re powerful. You have not let us prove ourselves.

L: If you are so powerful, then why can’t you even beat our Parliament?

P: Because you guys are taxing us so much that we can’t even afford things like a newspaper! You know why we can’t buy that. Because you tax us so much!

**catches breath**

L: Geez, calm down.

P: How can I be calm when all you do is tax us to pay for your foolish wars? Yeah, I am going there, and maybe you guys should take a parla-

**catches breath**

-MINT because you are drinking so much tea your breath might be a torture device by itself!

* *laughs**

L: I think your being a bit unrealistic. The king has the right to tax as much as he wants. You are just too poor to buy anything. 

P: And we don’t have par-la-la-lament, or whatever, anymore because we are awesome,  and we will have a government that represents THE PEOPLE!

And by the we have way too much money [ whispers ] if 20 cents is a lot.

L: Stop bashing our government. Everyone knows it is way better than yours!

P: Right. People who imprison people because they have their own opinions and wish to express them…that is not a government!

L: Guess what? I’m a rich landowner and what I say goes.

P: And I am a lawyer. A darn good one. You can’t tax us without representation! I am going to repeal this Stamp Act. And my name is Patrick Henry.

** bows and waves **

Source: Colonial Williamsburg.

Summer ’19 Adventure: Alligator Farm

By Julia Silverman

Over the summer my family and I went to the St. Augustine Alligator Farm in Florida and experienced a behind the scenes tour. We saw a lot of things there including a Komodo dragon, a kingsnake, and lots of crocodilians including crocodiles, alligators, caiman, and gharials.

We saw a famous alligator named Chance the Snapper! He was caught in a Chicago park this summer. We also got to watch them feed the alligators. It was cool how the alligators responded to their names and rose out of the water to get the food. We also saw albino alligators and baby Galapagos tortoises! There were also other animals like birds, monkeys and even sloths.

The Alligator farm has all 24 species of crocodilians living there! If you go there, you could zipline over the alligators or rock climb over snakes or take a treetop course of the farm! Also, you can go to fun shows featuring animals! At the shows you can see all sorts of animals.

Also, there is the option to do a fossil dig or get a picture with a snake or baby alligator.  My brother and I enjoyed holding the animals. I always wanted to hold a snake! I had a lot of fun on the behind the scenes tour and I would recommend it. The alligator farm is open 7 days a week from 9:00 am-6:00 pm.

Petting a Turtle
Albino Alligator
The author, Julia, and her brother.

Company Spotlights in Wayne: Main Point Books

By Ben Rickmond 

The WES Buzz is starting to feature some locally-owned, businesses in downtown Wayne. Our first article will be our local bookstore Main Point Books. We are lucky to have a local book store. You can find this book-filled place at 116 N. Wayne Ave a few doors down from Christopher’s. I was lucky enough to ask some questions to the owner, Cathy Fiebach. 

Q:  How long has this business been going?  

A: Main Point Books has been in business for 6 years. We were in Bryn Mawr for three years and moved to Wayne three years ago. 

Q: What is your favorite book?  

A: I have a lot of trouble picking my favorite book because, I always hope that the next book I read is going to be the best book yet. That said, books that I have great memories of include From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler by E. L Konigsburg, A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’Engle, Beloved by Toni Morrison and Circe by Madeline Miller. 

Q: What do you like most about running a store? 

A: I love owning a bookstore. One of the best things is when I help someone pick a book and they come back to tell me how much that they loved it. 

Q: When is the most busy day/time in your store?  

A: The busiest time of day varies by the time of year but we are particularly busy on Saturday nights. 

Q: Do you get more kids or adults? Why?  

A: We probably get more adults but since we moved to Wayne the number of kids and families has increased dramatically. I am planning on re-doing my basement which will double my space to make a much larger children’s section.  

Q: What books are the best selling?  

A: At the moment some of our bestselling books include, The Dutch House by Anne Patchett, The Testaments by Margaret Atwood, Circe by Madeline Miller, The Dogman Series by Dave Pilkey, Guts by Raina Telgeimeir, Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Gladwell and The Mother Bruce Series by Bryan T. Higgins. 

Make sure to check out for book findings and more! Thank you for reading! 


By Ben Rickmond  

Did you know that the PTO is giving WES a new secondary playground? One of our PTO presidents, Mrs. Pena, was nice to answer some questions all about it!  

Why does the PTO want to replace the playground? 

The PTO wants to replace the existing secondary playground because the playground is over 30 years old, the equipment is outdated, it’s not engaging for students, and it’s not accessible for students with physical disabilities.    

How is the PTO raising the money for the new playground? 

In addition to the $45,000 that the PTO has released for the new playground project, the PTO has launched a Playground Replacement Fundraising Campaign to raise the additional $20,000 needed to complete the project.  Radnor Township School District will cover the cost of the playground installation. 

There are several ways that the PTO plans to raise money for this campaign:  

1)  The Health and Wellness Committee published a cookbook comprised of favorite recipes from WES families and is donating proceeds from their cookbook sales to the playground campaign.     

2)  WES families and members of the community may purchase a spot on the Family Donor Recognition sign which will be displayed near the new playground.    

3)  A fun Parent Social was held on May 4th and was well-attended by WES parents.  Ticket Sales, Silent Auction and Raffle proceeds were all dedicated to the campaign.      

4)  A “Sunday Funday” kids dance party will take place on May 19th at 118 North.    

5)  Students and families are invited to Get Air on May 21st (day off school).  20% of the tickets price will be donated to the playground campaign.    

6)  Last, but not least, individuals, families, and corporate sponsors can make a tax-deductible donation to the WES PTO” 

When will the new playground be ready? 

Construction of the new playground will take place over the coming summer, so the goal is to be ready for the start of the 2019-2010 school year! 

Please tell us all about what the new playground will be like. 

The playground will be moved to a new location next to the black top.  This will allow greater accessibility for students in wheelchairs.  The new playground is a state-of-the-art modular system whose components embody some of the newest innovations in modern design and physically challenging play.  Come to the “Sunday Funday” at 118 North on May 19th and check out the playground design posters which will be on display for all to see! 

How did the PTO get the design for the new playground? 

Mr. Tracy worked closely with River Valley Landscapes to design a playground that would be fun and engaging for our students and that would be ADAAG (Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines) compliant.  We are proud to share that our design is not only ADAAG compliant, but it will surpass several ADAAG conformance requirements! 

Where does the equipment come from? 

River Valley Recreation and Landscapes from Wrightsville, PA supplies Playcraft Playground Equipment and has worked closely with Mr. Tracy to design the new playground.
Whose idea was it to replace the playground? 

The PTO Executive Board met with Mrs. Ferguson last summer (2018) to discuss ways that the PTO could support and enhance the experience of our WES students.  The secondary playground was identified as an area that could be improved.  A team of WES parents, Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. Tracy, and Mrs. Meehan have been instrumental in getting this project started and seeing it through to its completion.

Also, I, Ben Rickmond, would like to give a big thank you to Mrs. Ferguson, Mr. Tracy, the entire PTO, and Mrs. Meehan for all their hard work to help make this playground happen! 

Please help us by donating in all sorts ways of ways listed above at 

Thank you, to all the families that paid, $75 to have their name on a sign at the new playground.   

All About Ms. Tran

By Lilah Kenny!

Hey Guys. I’m Back and I am talking about how awesome Ms. Tran is!

Ms. Tran was in fifth grade with Isiah Taylor and now she is in kindergarten. We fifth graders in Mr. Rocca’s class miss her so much!

So, my other Rocca friend Sophie Brecher and I are going to ask her questions of her life to tell you how amazing she is!

· Why do you like Wayne?  There are such nice people here.

· If you could do any other job, what would it be?  Cooking.

· What is your favorite color?  Pink.

· What is your favorite animal?  Dogs.

· What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?  Be with my daughters.

· Who is your best friend at Wayne?  I love everybody

· What do you do in your free time?  Cook!

Ms. Tran’s story:

Ms. Tran came here from Vietnam during the Vietnam War.  Now she is an aide at Wayne Elementary School, and she is the manager of her own restaurant in Bryn Mawr! And she has two daughters! And Ms. Tran is loving and nice so when you give her a wave in the hall make sure to smile!

Kids Heart Challenge at WES

By Leah Zhang

No, you don’t jump rope. You make money! Save lives! Yay! (Awkwardness)

We do Rope for Heart every year, & now it is called Kids Heart Challenge. (To NOT confuse kids, I think.)  It is to help people, save their lives. You can do it two ways: online or offline. (Or both.)  The due date was April 24. The start was March 12.

If you do it offline, then you would probably go around the neighborhood asking for donations. But first, you need, you NEED permission, & how to do it.  If someone asks you where the money goes, then you could tell them to the American Heart Association. But if you do it online, then you could e-mail people, which then if they agree, they would give you money.

I asked nine questions of Mr. Tracy about things that you may not know, (I forgot the last one) so I asked.

1. How does the money help?  The money goes to research, medicine, surgeries, health education across the country, Mr. Tracy said in our class, that it takes $50 just to train only one person how to do CPR.

2. Why are the gifts there?  A reward & something you work for to help people be a heart hero.

3. Let’s says that Danby Morrison was walking around her neighborhood asking for donations. She has 45 dollars online & 20 dollars around the neighborhood. Then she comes across someone who asks, “Where does the money go?” Then Danby has no idea what to do. Then she finally can say, “The money goes to medicine, research, health education across the country, & how to train people to do CPR.” And the lady then could give her 120 dollars!

4. Why do we do it? What is the point? It saves people. More happy people. No more days in the hospital.

5. Do people do it only for the gifts?  Unfortunately, yes. But Mr. Tracy says, “Don’t do it for the gifts! Do it to be heart heroes!”

6. If someone did it only for the gifts, would you take it away or not?  (The gifts away) No.

7. How long did you do it for? Mr. Tracy has done it for 13 years now.

8. & 9. What is your goal with money & people? (quote from Mr. Tracy)  “I don’t care about the money; I just care about how many heart heroes there are.”  The goal for people is 190 students.

So, that was the 9 questions, how you do it, and . . . . yeah.

Meet Mrs. Pena, Para and WES Mom

By Zeke Williams

Mrs. Pena is a paraprofessional here at WES but did you know she has been at WES in several other roles even before this year?

Mrs. Pena has four children, all of whom are or were students at WES. Her oldest son, Mikey, is now a freshman at Episcopal Academy, but he started as a kindergartener here in 2009! Her daughter, Lola, graduated from WES last year and is a 6th grader at RMS. She also has Roman in 3rd grade and Cruz in kindergarten.

She said, “I have also felt so fortunate that my children have had the most amazing teachers at WES.”

Mrs. Pena is also on the PTO. She loves being able to be around dedicated parents, teachers and staff, helping the PTO committee chairs do their jobs and make a positive impact for the WES community.

As a para, she works with the fourth grade team. To be a teacher, she has a degree in Early Childhood, Elementary and Special Education, and a teaching certificate in Elementary and Special Education in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Before she had kids and became a teacher, she played field hockey at Temple University!

In addition to all she does at WES, she also teaches first grade prep at St. Katharine of Siena church on Midland Avenue.

Mrs. Pena’s favorite part about teaching is being able to work with students she loves seeing many familiar faces in the halls each day at WES.

Outside of school, she likes to play sports.  She plays field hockey at Merion Cricket Club and she works out at Tribe Mainline.

Fourth Grade Visits Eastern U’s Planetarium

By Connor Walsh

Pluto, planet or dwarf planet? Pluto became a dwarf planet in 2006.

Wayne Elementary’ s 4th grade classes went to Eastern University’s Planetarium to learn more about planets and stars in our cosmic neighborhood.

When we arrived at the Julia Fowler Planetarium, we sat down against cardboard walls and watched the show. When the presentation began, the dome room became dark. Dr. Bradstreet taught us cool constellations and facts about our solar system. Some of the cool facts were Saturn’s rings are made of dust and Jupiter’s has really bad storms. While we were learning the facts, it felt like we were in a spaceship going from planet to planet. When we were on Mars, we watched its two moons zoom by.

After the planetarium, we went to the twin telescopes and they were gigantic. We had to go up on a platform that was really tight, but when we got up there, it was worth it. It was worth it because Dr. Bradstreet opened up the sky dome. After the presentation, we got on the bus and for the rest of the day, the class was talking about the planetarium.


Cover - Volume 2

For more information, check out   Dr. Bradstreet also created a curriculum book for teachers of astronomy who have the same planetarium system.   Cool stuff thanks WES 4th grade teachers!

A Cupcake Throwdown by Lilah Kenny

Which one would you eat?   Plus, their recipes

By Lilah Kenny

Hey guys, are you ready for some CUPCAKES!!!!!

So, how this works you decide which one you would like better. I asked four people for their opinions and which one would win!  At the end I will put the Food Network link so you can make some yummy cupcakes!!

People I interviewed:

  1. Pilar Strid 6th Grade at Radnor Middle School
  2. Luca Strid 4th Grade in Mrs. Trolleys Class
  3. Jack Kenny 2nd Grade in Mrs. Sheilds Class
  4. My Dad

Would You Rather Have Root Beer Float Cupcakes or Sprouting-Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes?

Or Sprouting Carrot Cupcake Root Beer Float Cupcake

Pilar thought that she liked the carrot one better because it looked prettier and nicer.

Jack couldn’t decide at first, but he loves root beer floats, so he went with that one and the carrot maybe.

Luca went with Carrot because it looked and seemed tastier than the Root Beer Float Cupcakes.

My Dad said Root Beer Float of course and that he could use one right about now.


I asked my mom to do the tie breaker and she said she was thinking of doing root beer float but decided that the carrot one was cute and didn’t need icing!


Would You Rather Kid Champagne Vanilla Cupcake or Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Mickey and Minnie because they are super cool and cute.

Luca said Champagne BIG TIME because who doesn’t want a kid champagne cupcake

Jack said Champagne because it’s awesome.

My dad said Minnie and Mickey because he really didn’t like kid champagne

For the tie breaker my mom said Mickey and Minnie! So, Mickey and Minnie Wins!

Would You Rather Carrot Cake with swirled Frosting or Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries?


Pilar said Cranberries because they look tastier and pretty.

Jack said Cranberries just because…?

Luca said Cranberries are the best.

My Dad said Carrot Cake because he loves Carrot cake.

There is no need for a tie breaker…


Would You Rather Chocolate-Strawberry Cupcakes or Apple Pie Cupcakes?


Pilar said Apple Pie because apple pie in a cupcake must be yummy!

Jack said Chocolate Strawberry because who doesn’t like Chocolate Strawberries.

Luca Said Chocolate Strawberry as well.

And My Dad said Apple pie

My mom for the tie breaker Said…………………….I Can’t Decide???

THAT MEANS……………..IT’S A TIE!!!!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite Cupcake???????!!!!!!!

Recipe Links:

Sprouting Carrot Chocolate Cupcakes:

Root Beer Float Cupcakes:

Go to this website and #31 will be root beer float cupcakes!

Kid Champagne Cupcakes:

Just remember to use kid champagne

Mickey and Minnie Cupcakes:

Carrot Cake with Swirled Frosting:

Go on this website and on #39 is this recipe

Spice Cupcakes with Sugar Cranberries: cupcakes-with-sugared-cranberries-3589747

Chocolate Strawberry Cupcakes:

Apple Pie Cupcakes:

Thanks for Reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😁😎😍

WES Sports: Girls Recess Basketball

By Will Clark

Hi.  I am Will Clark and I am referee for girls basketball.

Sometimes it is fun. I like the way that they pass and don’t hog the ball like the boys do.

So, I interviewed two girls that played, their names were Harper and Jane.

I asked them a few questions about how much they average a game.

“A solid two points,” said Harper.

“Four points,” said Jane.

I also asked them some other questions.

And to wrap it all up, I asked them who their favorite NBA or college basketball player is.

“Stephen Curry,” said Jane.

“Joel Embiid,” said Harper.


The teams are normally 4 vs 4.  There are more players every day and half don’t even play on teams out of school.

I have enjoyed being referee for girls’ recess basketball and I will continue because it is fun to watch.

Business Desk: Twitter vs. Facebook

By Ben Rickmond


Today we are comparing the biggest social media companies ever!




ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $3,042,359,000 $55,838,000,000
CEO Jack Dorsey Mark Zuckerberg
Founder(s) Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, Evan Williams Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 3,920 23,165 (2017)
HEADQUARTERS San Francisco, CA Menlo Park, CA
STOCK PRICE TWTR (NYSE) $32.59 +0.01 (+0.03%)
Mar 25, 4:01 PM EDT
FB (NASDAQ) $166.29 0.00 (0.00%)
Mar 25, 4:00 PM EDT
FUN FAC It only took 3 years, 2 months and 1 day to get to the billionth tweet. WOW! Facebook had 2.27 billion (monthly) active users around the world, as of September 30, 2018! WOW!

I’m not surprised that Facebook won. I think Twitter is better.

Next Game: Spotify vs. Pandora.










WES Reads for the Ronald McDonald House

By Ben Rickmond

Hello!  Mrs.Dahlstrom asked me to write an article about the “Read for the House” campaign at WES.  Read for the House is a fundraiser for the Philly Ronald McDonald house (

We had 37 students participate this year.

Our top fundraisers this year are:

1) Michael Polizzi (2K)

2) Tommy Polizzi (1E)

3) Zeke Williams (4T)

Also, our top readers are:

1) Mia Lista (4B)

2) Ava Preate (4T)

3) Ben Rickmond (4B) (me)

The total minutes we read were 19,777 minutes.

WES raised $13,344.88.

WOW we did that with only 37 students.

Please participate next year!read.jpg

March Madness Turns to the Final Four

By Aiden Swindells

If you did not know, March Madness has been going on.

Most people fill out brackets to guess all the teams that will win.

The March Madness “Sweet 16” games were on, which means 16 teams left in the tournament.

Here is where the whole bracket is today, April 4.



“Go Duke.  And not Michigan State!” said Greg Swindells, my dad.

Update: WES Reading Olympics Returns Victorious

By Mackenzie Rose

The WES Reading Olympic teams competed at Northley Middle School in Aston, PA.  Team Tropical Blue did a great job.  The Maroon team came in 2nd place with 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 tie. My team, Cardinal Red, came in 1st place with 3 wins, 0 losses, and 0 ties.

There were 3 rounds and every time the announcements came on to announce the news for the Olympics, the announcer said a joke. For example, she said, “Where do books go when they are scared?……… Under their covers!”

The Olympics were AMAZING and I will never forget them. The only bad thing was that I didn’t get home until 8:37.  Even though it ended at 8:00, it was a great experience and I wish GOOD LUCK to any future Olympians.

Editor’s Note:  When you are in fifth grade, watch for the notice to join Reading Olympics.  The club meets and has a lot of fun.bfg




Villanova Men are the Big East Champs

The Beast of the East

By Connor Walsh

Villanova Men’s basketball team are the Big East Champions for the third time in a row.

The Wildcats defeated the Seton Hall Pirates on March 16, 2019, 74 to 72, for the Big East title. The game was at Madison Square Garden and it was played in front of a sold out crowd. There were 19,756 people and I was lucky to be there.

When I sat down in my seat, I was so excited to be at the game. I was on the Seton Hall side so I heard cheering for Seton Hall. The bands were playing the Seton Hall and Villanova fight songs. Everybody around me were wearing Seton Hall jerseys. That made me proud to be a Villanova fan.

Myles Powell led the Seton Hall Pirates with 25 points and the rest of the team only had 40 points combined. Villanova had four lead scorers and they were Eric Paschall with 17 points, Phil Booth with 16 points, Saddiq Bey with 16 points, and Jermaine Samuels with 12 points.

This game was so close the whole time, with many lead changes. There were many questionable calls causing the fans to stand up and boo!

At the end of the first half the score was 28 to 26, in favor of Villanova. In the second half, the teams each scored 46 more points. At three minutes left to play, Samuels drilled a 3 to make Villanova’s lead 7 points. I could see the sweat dripping down the players as they fought for the win.

Luckily, Seton Hall’s Powell missed a 3-pointer, so Villanova could clutch another title. The Nova players celebrated and confetti fell from the ceiling. Shortly after the game, there was a ceremony honoring the Cats with the winning trophy.  Phil Booth was named the MVP. The Cats did it again!

Thank You, Mr. Vaughn

By Connor Walsh

Every morning kids walk in to school noticing the snow and branches are removed from the sidewalks and a germ free cafeteria.  Kids may not notice that the toilets are working and sinks are not clogged.  Either way, Mr. Vaughn is responsible for ALL of that!

Mr. Vaughn is the head of general maintenance and has been at our school Wayne Elementary for 10 years.  Mr. Vaughn makes sure the cafeteria is ready for breakfast and lunch.  He starts his day really early at 6:00 in the morning, and ends his day later than all the students at 4:00 in the afternoon.

For the most part Mr. Vaughn loves his job because it is never the same and always changing.  His least favorite part of the job is being out from school and not seeing the kids.  Mr. Vaughn likes having a daily routine.

On the last day of school, Mr. Vaughn serves a very important role.  His role is to take down the American flag.  It is appropriate for Mr. Vaughn to do this since he has served  in the U.S. Army Reserves for 27 years.  He served in combat in Iraq in 2006 and 2007.

This coat hanging in his office is his Army jacket.


A lot of kids and I respect Mr. Vaughn.  He does so much for our school.  Thank you so much for serving our country and keeping our awesome school clean!


By Lilah Kenny

Hello lovers of leprechauns!! You know all those Disney fairies who are sweet and nice and like to help the environment?  Well those are nothing like leprechauns! Leprechauns enjoy being tricky and they love telling amazing stories, and they love candy.  If you want to know more, please read on!

What is a leprechaun?

Leprechauns are a tiny little type of fairy and usually look like a little bearded man in a green suit and hat. It is certain that there are no female leprechauns. Legend says that leprechauns were shoe makers. It is known that when a leprechaun is near you, you can hear little tip tap tip tap from them fixing shoes.

Do they have a pot of gold?

People say that a leprechaun most of the time has a pot of gold that he hides in the forest. If someone captures them, they must give them their pot of gold.  But they don’t want that to happen and so they are very sneaky and if a human sees him, he will run away!

Let’s catch a leprechaun!

Some people put traps, but you need to be tricky like a leprechaun. They are fast and will be gone with a blink of an eye. I would plan. And work super hard. Because then if you capture them you get a pot of gold!!!!! Who wouldn’t want that?!

Well I hope you liked my piece on leprechauns! Happy St. Patty’s day!

History of St. Patrick’s Day

Who is St. Patrick?  Plus: Fun Facts

By Lilah Kenny

“Dia dhuit Cairde” (Hello Friends)

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Or who is St. Patrick? Some of you might already know but, others might not.  If you want to know “léamh ar” (read on)!

Who is St. Patrick? St. Patrick was a saint in Ireland who was born in the 4th century. They don’t have a record of where he was born. People think he was raised near a village called Banna Vemta Burniae but its location cannot be identified. It may have been in Scotland but it is possible it was Wales.

His father, Calpornius, was a Roman-British army officer and a deacon. And his grandfather was a priest too. Even though his family was involved in the church, the young Patrick did not believe.

His life was simple until the age of 16. DUNH DUNH UNHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Patrick was kidnapped with many others by Irish Pirates. They took him to Ireland where he was held captive for six years. During this time, he became very religious. He thought all this bad luck was a punishment for not having faith in God. After six years, he heard a voice telling him that he would soon go home, and that his ship was ready.

Running away from his master, he went two hundred miles away, and found a ship captain to take him on board. After three days of sailing, they landed, and they all walked for 28 days in the woods. After Patrick prayed for food, they found a bunch of wild boar. The people loved him! After a while Patrick decided that he wanted to stay in Ireland and there he would join the church and become a priest for the rest of his life. And then after death he became a Saint!

PARTY TIME!!!!! We Americans celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on what people think is the day of his death, March 17th, with parades and PARTIES!!!! It’s a fun way to celebrate the Irish even if you’re not!


  • St. Patrick celebrated the three leaves of the shamrock, because it looked like the cross. This is now the national flower/plant of Ireland. He also banished snakes from Ireland even though there weren’t any there!!!

  • Did you know that they dye the Chicago river Green on St. Paddy’s Day?!

  • Did you know the northern Fountain at the White House is dyed green too?

  • Did you know there is no “corn” in the famous meal “corned beef and cabbage?”

  • Did you know that there is a famous treat for St. Paddy’s Day, and it’s called the Shamrock Shake! Which is green and minty. The creators are the non-Irish McDonald’s People!?

Check my next piece on Leprechauns!!!!!

Resource: National Geographic Kids and Wikipedia. For fun watch the video:

The Otter Experience

By Julia😸😸

Have you ever fed an otter? I have, and my dad and I got to see up them up close and feed them!

Over the summer, my dad and I went to see and feed the giant otters at the Philadelphia Zoo. My grandfather bought the otter experience for me as a birthday present because otters are my favorite animal.

First, the zookeeper introduced us to two of the otters and then showed us how to feed them fish with tongs. There were five people in our group. We stuck the tongs through the fence, and the otters raced for the fish. The otters made a lot of noise. Later we watched the otters go down a slide and into the water. If you want to feed otters yourself, you can go to the Philadelphia Zoo’s website and book an otter experience. I highly recommend it!


Figure Skating: Meet Alysa Liu & Nathan Chen

By Leah Zhang 😉

The national figure skating championship just ended.  Famous skaters compete.

Two of them are the youngest skater ever to compete & the quad jump champion. That would be the 13-year old, Alysa Liu, and Nathen Chen!



Alysa Liu                             Nathan Chen

Alysa Liu is 13 years old, but is the youngest ever to win the ladies figure skating gold medal. She started at age five.  Alysa also has a smile. She says that she wants something to be recognized from her, like the smile. It also helps her think of the positives instead of the negatives. She is still too young to be in the Olympics, even though she thinks that age doesn’t matter. It’s the skill that counts. Alysa is in 9th grade and doesn’t really like candy.  She said that she is more of a “salty” snacker.

Alysa’s coach, Laura Lipetsky, is working on Alysa’s moves & improving step by step, day by day, and sometimes if you do triple jumps when you are young, you can lose that ability when your body grows & changes.

Nathan Chen started when he was three, in his sister’s white skates. And in 2003, when he was four, he entered his first competition. But now, he is 19 years old and is enrolled at Yale.  He also loves basketball. Last year, he messed up. He fell like 3-4 times each performance, except for the last one. That mainly brought his score up. He also looked nervous & shaky.  Nathan is also the first person to ever land a quad, (four turns around) in the Olympics!

So he can be called Nathan Chen, or The Quad King. Nathan was the youngest men to win a gold medal in the men’s figure skate.  He was 18 years old. Plus he never gives up.


What about you? Who is your favorite?


Reading Olympics at WES

By Mackenzie Rose 



The meetings are Monday before school.  The sign up is in September and the first meeting is later in the fall.   Mrs. Dahlstrom in the library can give you all the details any time.  

There is a list of 45 books.  Everyone must read at least 5 books.  There are three teams, each with two captains.  When practicing for the competition, the captains have the responsibility of nominating someone to answer a question. 

Every year there is a competition in early April, this year it is April 1-3.  Almost 200 schools participate every year in a county-wide competition.

This year the club at WES has 31 kids participating. In the first group, Gabby & Amelia are the team captains of the TROPICAL BLUE team. Eeshan & Vivian are the team captains of the RED team. And last but not least, Tate & Emily are the team captains for the MAROON team.  

I hope that this article gets you excited about reading and gives you the courage to apply to Reading Olympics when you are old enough. 

Editor’s Note:  In 2016, Radnor hosted Reading Olympics, check out the story about that here 



WES Clubs Spotlight: Spelling Bee

By Danby G. Morrison

One of the newest clubs for this year at Wayne Elementary School is Spelling Bee club. A fun club for grades 3-5.  The Spelling Bee club is run by Anika Fernandes’ mom Ms. Deborupa Mitra, 2nd grade teacher Ms. Kern, and Mrs. Gale Morrison.

Each week the group meets up on Monday in room 54, and each week they learn about a different culture’s words. For example, one week, the group learned about Asian words (Chinese, Japanese, etc.). They also learn about different types of words, like one week they studied old English. Some of the words for old English are fathom, widow, and maybe shrubbery.   The Bee gets help from Scripps and Merriam-Webster creating guides about all of these words.

At the end of every club meeting, the group has a ‘say, spell, say’ game. There’s the 3rd grade line, the 4th grade line, and the 5th grade line. If you’re in the 3rd or 4th grade line, you have the option to move up to the next grade line if you spell the word right.

Great news!  They recently had their club spelling bee, and the top two winners who moved on to the county spelling bee are, drumroll please………………………………………………………………ANIKA FERNANDES AND JULIA RICHARDSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So, congratulations to them.

I just want to give a huge shout out to Julia and Anika because they did amazing at the bee on Februay 23, 2019!   They faced competition from ten other schools and students were from 3rd to 8th graders.  The county winners face off at the state level, and that winner travels to Washington, DC, for the national Bee.


By Connor Walsh

Have you ever skied or snow boarded before? I have skied and it is fun and exhilarating! I have skied on six different mountains in Pennsylvania with family and friends. Starting one of these sports early will be easier than starting at an older age, because you excel rapidly.

Another great thing about skiing is you can hang out with your family. T

he Pennsylvania Ski Area Association wants more 4th and 5th graders to ski or snow board. They offer a free pass that gives you two years of skiing or snowboarding.

With this “Ski for Free” pass you get one free lesson, ski or snow board, and you get to go up to three times for free at each Pennsylvania mountain.

If you do not own equipment you can rent equipment at any resort. If you want to apply for the pass you would register at


When you are skiing you may see in person things you are learning about in school including predator and prey and the rock studies, i.e. geology.

This pass can save a lot of money because an average youth lift ticket is around $50! I think that the ski for free pass is a great idea. I hope this encouraged you to hit the slopes!

Business Desk: Apple vs. Microsoft

By: Ben Rickmond 👨‍💻

Image result for cool apple logos Image result for cool microsoft logos

This game is comparing two of some of the well-known companies ever I think you know who will win!

Company Apple Microsoft
ANNUAL REVENUE (2018) $265,595,000,000 $110,360,000,000
CEO Tim Cook Satya Nadella
Founder Steve Jobs Bill Gates
TOTAL EMPLOYEES 132,000 134,944
HEADQUARTERS Cupertino, CA Redmond, WA
STOCK PRICE AAPL (NASDAQ) $154.94 +1.87 (+1.22%) MSFT (NASDAQ) $105.38 +0.37 (+0.35%)
FUN FACT Apple has so much money, it has twice the amount of the U.S Treasury!! Microsoft employees are expected to bring M&Ms to the office to share on their work anniversaries — the tradition is one pound for every year they’ve been with the company.

Of course, Apple wins by revenue. Cool that Apple has more money than the treasury!

Did you know that Apple is the largest information technology (IT) company in the world.

Next game: The Coca Cola Company VS PepsiCo.

Image result for microsoft total employees












Bingo Night

By Ben Rickmond

The Super popular WES event is here! Bingo night! Bingo night is Friday the 11th of January, 2019.

There are awesome prizes. Comment if you ever got the big teddy bear. Once I got this arcade game a couple years ago.  But it broke after a while :(.

Tell me what you got this year. I hope to see you there.  It takes place from 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm.

What is K-POP?

Top K-Pop band BTS on the red carpet at the Grammy’s, January 26, 2020. Source: Getty Images.

By Leah Zhang        

K-pop is a type of music that I love. I will have a facts page, add a list of top 30 K-pop groups, & more!  


  1. K-pop stands for Korean pop.   
  1. In a K-pop group, where members are mostly around the same age, a few months difference in birthdate makes a huge difference as well. For example, A is born in January and B is born in May. B still has to speak formal language to A, even though they are born in the same year.  
  1. Once idols have a new song and album to promote, they go on up to 6 music shows a week to promote their songs.  
  1. Over 100 groups debut in South Korea every year, but less than 5% are successful.  
  1. It can go back to 1985.  
  1. In the 1990’s, K-pop musicians incorporated American popular music styles.  

        Top 30 K-pop groups  

     30. Gfriend.  

     29. IZ*One. (Off the record)  

     28. EXO-SC.  

     27. KARD.  

     26. Super Junior.  

     25. Day6.  

     24. Pentagon.  

     23. EverGlow.  

     22. (G) idle. (Girl Idle)  

     21. SHINee.  

     20. Astro.  

     19. NCT U.   

     18. Itzy.  

     17. NCT Dream.  

     16. I Kon.  

     15. Monsta X.  

     14. ATEEZ.  

      13. Super M.  

      12. Seventeen.  

      11. NCT. (Neo Culture Technology)   

      10. Mamamoo.   

       9. NCT 127.         

       8. TXT. (Tomorrow X Together) 

       7. Red Velvet.  

       6. Stray Kids.  

       5. Twice.  

       4. Got 7.  

       3. EXO. (Exoplanet) 

       2. Blackpink.  

  1. BTS. (Bangtan Boys)  


T-pop is for Taiwan pop. It exists too!  

WES PTO: Craft Night

By Leah Zhang

Craft night was great! There were so many crafts, and it was so much fun for me! Let me show you why.

The first thing that I recommend you to do is to design your own bag on the stage of the little theater. That way you can carry all of your stuff in the bag conveniently, and not topple over after you get to a few crafts.

Then it’s your choice. But if you’re going to do the tag things, maybe do that next because when you use the puffy paint, it needs time to dry and you can just let your parent or guardian hold it, which is what I did to my Dad. 😁

Now I did the bag, the tag thingy, cookie mix, 2 hot chocolate mixes (because my friend Lacey & I ate the candy-cane, marshmellows & Hershey kisses from one bag), and the pom-pom penguin (Mr. Penguin).

I’m hoping that our cookies this year are actually cookies, because last year my Dad & I put the mix too close to each other, and they turned out to be two big things!

In the end, they let you take as many Hersey kisses and marshmallows as you want, so my friend got a little carried away with that and it got a bit crazy . . . .